Alcohol Infused with Marijuana: A Bad Idea with Increased Addictive Potential

Alcohol Infused with Marijuana: A Bad Idea with Increased Addictive Potential


There is a push right now in the world of alcoholic beverages to allow the mixture of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) and alcoholic drinks.

The state governments have considered this idea and they are pushing back against it, for now. The mixture of THC and alcohol is currently not allowed.

Marijuana Business Daily says that [the states] “…current stance that infused alcoholic beverages of any stripe – whether infused with THC, CBD or basically any cannabinoids – are prohibited.”

If they allowed this to become a reality, however, then we would have a substance that allows someone to drink alcohol and also take THC into their system at the same time. The addictive component involved with this is a multiplicative effect.

Honestly, I know that there is huge addictive potential here because of my own experience. My own story illustrates this point very well, at least for me and my own understanding.

I started out using marijuana as my first drug of choice. I had never had a drink in my life and I had never tasted any alcohol, ever. I did not know what it was like to feel drunk–not even a little bit.

But I was getting high on marijuana on a regular basis, and I was still in the “infatuation stage” when it came to drugs. I also happened to be a very real drug addict that was never going to be able to use drugs casually in any sort of responsible way.

So there came a day in which I was waiting with some friends to be able to get high on marijuana. While we were waiting for this opportunity to happen, my friends were already drinking alcohol, and they encouraged me to do the same. For whatever reason, I decided to drink for the first time in my life that day, and so I started consuming alcohol.

I got drunk for the first time ever and I became quite animated and talkative. This was unique for me because normally I was quite shy and reserved in a crowd of people. So I had this new buzz on–this being drunk on alcohol, and it was new and unique for me.

Then the marijuana showed up.

The reason I remember this so vividly is that I have never, in my entire life, been this high again. Not once.

That was the high water mark for me apparently–that was the peak of my addiction. That was the best “party” for my purposes. I was drunk for the first time and then I got high on top of it, and my friends were amazed at how much that opened up my personality. I talked more that day than they had ever seen me talk before.

From that point forward, it did not really make much sense to me to just use one drug or the other when it came to alcohol and marijuana. Combining them seemed to be where it was at for me. The current research seems to back this up, showing how the combination of the two drugs produces a multiplicative effect, along with a multiplicative chance for addiction.

That was my experience and I see that in other people as well now that I am in recovery. Combining the two substances seems to be a very popular choice, and it simply goes along with the “party culture” and the mindset of chemically dependent people. Why do just one when you can do both? Why settle for half a buzz, when you can combine the two substances and get an exponential result?

This is alarming though if the alcohol and marijuana industry are allowed to combine the two substances.

What’s next, the drug companies decide to combine Valium and Vicodin, so that patients in pain can just float away on a cloud every time they pop a pill?

I know today that if I were to ever go back to my addiction, and I was using alcohol and marijuana together again, that it would be “fun” for about a week or so, maybe even less. Within a matter of days my tolerance would catch back up with me and the novelty of the buzz would wear off again, just like it did in my past.

I got clean and sober over 17 years ago because, at one point, I realized that I was drinking 151 proof rum and smoking a great deal of marijuana and it wasn’t even “fun” for me at all. I was simply existing like that, having to use those substances, and not enjoying the buzz at all. I had fashioned myself as being the life of the party, and that this party was non stop, and that was how I wanted to live my life forever. But the party was over and the fun was all gone. I was miserable and I still had more booze and more marijuana to consume, and I realized that it was not going to help. I was stuck.

That was when I made the decision to ask for help. I had already gone to rehab twice in my past. To be honest, I was not sure that it would be any different this time around, but I had no reason not to try again. I was completely miserable in my addiction, and I could not smoke enough or drink enough to fully remove myself from the misery of my existence. I either wanted to not exist, or to somehow be clean and sober and live a “normal” life. But I had finally reached the point in which I no longer wanted to just keep self medicating every day.

So I went to inpatient treatment and I stopped drinking and I stopped using marijuana. My biggest fear was that I was going to be so bored and so miserable in sobriety that I would want to go back to drinking and using again. My biggest fear was that I would not be able to handle reality or deal with my life if I did not have drugs or booze to turn to.

So what happened is that I started to learn, very slowly, how to handle a life of sobriety. I started to learn the tools that people use in order to deal with reality, to deal with stress, and so on. I started to figure out how to open up to people in recovery, how to trust a therapist and a sponsor in AA, and how to learn from those people and to take suggestions.

I had no choice, really. I could either go back to drinking and drugs, or I could listen to the therapist, the sponsor, the peers in AA. I could either do it my way and get high, or I could learn this new way of life that involved sobriety. I had finally reached the point in my existence in which I was going to choose something new, something different.

If you are trapped in alcohol and marijuana addiction and you are looking to break free from it, I would strongly recommend that you look at inpatient treatment as a way to do that. Everyone is nervous to go to rehab for the first time, but I can assure you that it will be the best decision that you ever make for yourself. Good luck in your recovery!