Very Impressed with Women For Sobriety as a Recovery Program

Very Impressed with Women For Sobriety as a Recovery Program


I was doing some research the other day and I stumbled across an organization called Women for Sobriety. I have to say that I am very impressed with this program and it’s sort of a shame that it is targeted at women only, because it seems like they have the potential to help a lot of people.

In particular, the Women for Sobriety program focuses on:

1) Changing negative thought patterns.

2) Using positive thinking and affirmations.

3) Using creation and goal setting.

4) Examining our relationships.

5) Exploring our spirituality.

And of course, they also emphasize physical abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The only thing that doesn’t get me excited is the emphasis on affirmations, but I can see how that would be helpful to some in recovery who have suffered from a lifetime of negative self talk. But overall I am impressed with this program and I’m surprised I had not heard more about it in the past. It seems like it is a really powerful recovery program to help people learn how to stop drinking.

I actually think that the WFS program would be close to perfect if they were to remove the emphasis on positive self talk and affirmations and instead suggest the idea of continuous self improvement through taking action.  The idea of daily progress is very powerful and most people do not really commit highly enough to make use of it.  If you take incremental steps toward your goal every single day then your life can improve in very short periods of time.  For example, if your goal is to get in great shape and you work hard on it every day for a year then you will be in phenomenal shape before the year is out.  The problem is that most people who have a goal like that do not actually make a strong enough commitment to work out every single day.  They slack off at some point and their goal gets further away from them.

The day is your multiplier if you are willing to use it correctly.  Each day is a gift.  Strive for your goals each day and your life will get better very quickly.

I don’t understand why alternatives like this are not more popular. This seems like a really solid program that could help a lot of people. The emphasis on creation and creating a new life for yourself in recovery is what really has me interested in the program. Check it out if you are interested.


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