Holistic Approaches Taught at Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

Holistic Approaches Taught at Drug Rehabilitation Facilities

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The most successful drug rehabilitation facilities inspire their clients to take massive amounts of action in order to overcome drug addiction.  This is not an easy thing to do and really requires that you start with a group of addicts that is fully surrendered to their addiction and very willing to go to any length for recovery.

A drug rehabilitation facility should be a motivational, action oriented program of change.  Most drug rehabs fall far short of this by setting themselves up to be more of a combination between education and therapy, with a dash of 12 step program thrown in.  A typical day in rehab will consist of a continuous mix of groups, lectures, and meetings that basically involve watching boring educational videos, engaging in group therapy and discussions, and exposure to a 12 step meeting.  Nothing is really done to produce action on the part of the client, which is the critical component that has the power to keep a person clean and sober.  They must take action.  Sitting around all day watching videos and lectures does not inspire the addict to take continuous action.

What type of actions are necessary?  The exact mechanism can vary as long as the actions are abstinence based and positive in nature.  They must also become habits done on a daily basis in order to carry the addict through to long term recovery.

For example, take this person in recovery, who neglected to go to drug rehab but manages to stay clean and sober anyway.  Each day, this person:

1) Wakes up and does some form of meditation, possibly reading daily inspirational quotes, etc.

2) Attends a 12 step meeting and interacts with others in recovery.  Participates and is genuinely useful in the meeting.  Tries to learn something of value.

3) Works with others in recovery outside of meetings on recovery related issues.  Helps others.  Reaches out to others.

4) Works a job, earns money, pays bills.  Does not accumulate debt or spend frivolously.  Pays own way and feels good about self.

5) Uses physical exercise as an outlet for stress relief as well as a positive healthy activity.  Feels good from an intense workout.

And so on.  Any addict who is establishing positive habits such as these and is doing them on a daily basis can form their own path through recovery, without having to resort to treatment.  The question is, if an addict does go to treatment, can the rehab facility convince them to take these types of actions on a regular basis?  This is the measure of success in recovery.  Regular, positive action.