Dealing with Depression Drug Addiction

Dealing with Depression Drug Addiction


A close connection between drug addiction and depression have been proven through many studies. Its one of the most difficult connection to be able to know where one may stop and than the other begins. For instance, if someone is depressed and abusing drugs or alcohol then which one started, did they start using due to depression, or did the depression start over using drugs regularly. Through the studies they have found that either way one of them will or can lead to another.

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Whichever the degree or the way one may cause the other, only lets us know that they normally go hand in hand. The signs of drug addiction you might find that the addict loses interest in their usual activities, that they did daily and enjoyed. Or they might lose their interest in their families, children, and or friends. Now the same signs of addiction are the signs of depression, you will see that they are both the same as far as symptoms go. Most treatment facilities will treat depression or other mental issues, and being a user at the same time, in order to get to the bottom of why they are depressed and how to fix that. To why they are addicts, what are they receiving from using the drugs, and reminding them that using drugs to ease their depression, but once they sober up the same problems they may be covering up by getting drunk or high will be there when they are sober. This is an evil web that is weaved when dealing with the matter of addiction and depression. As no one is able to say which one is the cause to the other.

The normal way that someone may handle a stressful situation, either by using drugs to get high or drinking the alcohol that they are yearning to drink in order to drowned out the stress around them. It is a normal practice for someone who suffers depression for them to spend the day into the evening drinking and or using to deal with their life. As most people who deal with their life, stress, work or anything that is a daily occurence, might go to talk with a friend, spouse, even a counselor; as you see that they reach out for help, instead of numbing the pain or the stress with alcohol or drugs. Alcoholism can start by going out on the bad day at work to have a few drinks with friends, to only create a habit to have a regular drink, which eventually turns into a dependency and sooner than later alcoholism. As well this is the same way a drug habit begins, by just smoking a little bit of marijuana only to soon to grow into a few more smokes, and when that no longer works then we introduce new drugs. This is called self-medicating yourself. This means that instead of seeking treatment with therapy it is easier for a user or alcoholic to drink their alcohol or using the new drug that is the choice of the users.

Addicts believe that during the use of the drug of choice they feel an euphoria or a sense of separation from the situation, or the chronic depression. Some who will reach out and seek treatment for depression will figure out that the subjects talked about and used during therapy may spark their urge to use instead. That is the mind of anyone who uses, and or drinks. With the studies they also know that the one thing that is for sure is, depression is made worse by substance abuse. The feeling of relaxation is gone when the drugs and alcohol wear off. Leaving the person feeling a deeper depression added with fatigue, anxiety, and craving for more. When craving starts they are left with worry, looking for money, and can even cause some to steal, lie, or cheat to get what they want. The fundamental change in our brains can make any existing psychological conditions to flare up, without any warning. This may even be something that the user does not know they even had any mental issues and after or during use of drugs and alcohol those unknown psychological traits may become worse and even cause a different and new psychosis. This is a cycle of never-ending unless you can get the help you need for both issues.