Alternative Addiction and Alcoholism Program for Individual Recovery

Alternative Addiction and Alcoholism Program for Individual Recovery


Maybe you have tried the 12 step programs of AA or NA and you decided that they are not for you.  Maybe they just did not work out for you.

Or, perhaps you attend AA or NA, but you are looking for something more, a way to go beyond the ideas of 12 step recovery and the path of spiritual growth.

I believe there is a better path than one that is limited to only spiritual growth, it is a path of holistic growth.

Get sober, quickly and effectively

Whatever your situation is, I believe that anyone can get clean and sober without structured programs and daily meetings if they follow some basic ideas and principles.  Many of these overlap with principles from other recovery programs; that is pretty much inevitable.

For example, you have to surrender in order to embrace recovery and use complete abstinence as your solution.  The principle of “surrender” is fundamental.  No recovery program owns it.  Anyone who quits drinking or using drugs has to surrender.  This was true 1,000 years ago, long before AA came along….just as it is true today.  Surrender is fundamental.

If you look at various recovery programs they all share common themes.  The 12 step program, religious programs, therapy based programs–they all have some things in common that seem to be fundamental to recovery.  Surrender and abstinence is one such example.  But there are other examples as well, such as the need for personal growth in long term recovery, or the need for social support in early recovery, and so on.

All of these ideas are neatly laid out in the alternative recovery course.  Each article is accompanied by a video as well:

* Recovery starts with a decision to change your life

* Total abstinence and the zero tolerance policy

* Do you need addiction treatment or detox?

* Using support in early recovery

* Taking daily positive action

You can find more details about how you might recovery in a non-traditional manner right here.

In addition, you might also want to take a look at the following free eBooks:

Finally, if you like any of the ideas contained here, then you might want to join the discussion in the forums here at Spiritual River, where you can get daily support and feedback from real people who are learning how to live clean and sober.

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