3 Ways that Alternative Addiction Strategies Can Help You Recover

3 Ways that Alternative Addiction Strategies Can Help You Recover

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The alternative addiction solution is a holistic approach rather than a traditional, 12 step approach.  Is one method any better than the other?  For some people, this is a definite “yes.”  If traditional, 12 step programs have failed repeatedly for you, then it is time to stop doing the same thing over and over and try something different.  Maybe an holistic approach to overcoming addiction can be more useful for you.

What is an alternative holistic approach to addiction?  Let’s take a look at what could make up such a recovery strategy.

1) Different rehab – most rehab centers are 12 step based.  In fact, you will have to search quite a bit probably in order to find a rehab that is not based on the 12 step program.  There are alternative drug rehab centers out there, and they will likely be either religious or holistic based programs.  Many of the holistic based programs will be very expensive, and some of the religious based programs will be very cheap or even free in some cases.  But any of them might be worth checking out regardless, especially if you have not had any success with a 12 step program.

2) Emphasis on holistic growth – traditional recovery programs that are 12 step based are focused very tightly on spiritual growth only.  That is the whole point of a 12 step program and they are really only concerned with spiritual progress.  An holistic addiction program is more concerned with holistic growth, meaning growth in several different areas of your recovery.  For example, you may seek to grow:

1) Spiritually.

2) Emotionally.

3) Physically (fitness, nutrition, etc.).

4) Socially (finding new friends in recovery).

5) Mentally (learning new things, challenging self to learn new things).

And so on.  So an holistic approach to recovery does not limit you to spiritual growth as a solution for recovery.  It is broader than that.  It is bigger than that.

3) Emphasis on healthy self esteem – what actually happens at the moment of relapse?  What is going on in the mind of the addict or alcoholic when they decide to throw everything they have worked for away?  I can tell you one thing: having a healthy level of self esteem is not part of the equation at the moment of relapse.

Healthy self esteem prevents relapse on several different levels.  If you value your life and you value yourself, then you are less likely to throw it all away on a relapse.  This is a defense that is more “built in” than most relapse prevention tricks.  An holistic approach to recovery will grow your real self esteem through the emphasis on holistic growth and development.