Increase Your Chance of Success at a Rehab Facility

Increase Your Chance of Success at a Rehab Facility


Going to a rehab facility for drug addiction or alcoholism help is almost always a good decision.  The only time it is a poor decision is when the addict in question has no intention of changing.  If they have not surrendered to their disease then they are not going to get anything out of rehab, and it will be a mostly wasted trip.  But even in this case, it might be worth going to rehab, because it might be setting them up for success in the future.  They might relapse after leaving, but they might learn something that will kick in later down the road for them.  They might hang on to a bit of hope or a bit of information that can lead them into real recovery at some point.

Rehab facilities can not work miracles.  If someone wants to use drugs and alcohol then they will find a way to do it.  If someone is not 100 percent committed to recovery, then they are going to relapse shortly after leaving rehab.  There is just no way around it.  Rehabs cannot control people directly.  And the population of addicts and alcoholics is quite volatile.  Stability is a rare thing.  In fact, it is pretty rare for an addict to stay clean and sober after just one trip into rehab.  Most people require a few trips to treatment before they finally “get it.”

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If you are looking forward to a visit to rehab, there are some things you can do to help your chances at staying clean and sober.

One, do everything you can to be completely honest with the people there. If you are not honest then you are setting yourself up to drink or use drugs again.

Second of all, you have to be open to new ideas. Whatever you have been doing to try and get clean and sober is not working for you.  So go into it with an open mind.  Obviously, whatever they tell you to do has worked for others in the past.  It has to work better than your own ideas (which have led you nowhere).

Finally, be willing to carry out the actions they suggest. The only thing that can help you to get clean and sober is action.  Thinking about recovery does not count.  Actually doing things will get you and keep you clean.  Be willing to put their suggestions into action, and you will have a real chance at recovery.