Why People Don’t Seek Help for Addiction Recovery

Why People Don’t Seek Help for Addiction Recovery

Why People Don’t Seek Help for Addiction Recovery

Why People Don’t Seek Help for Addiction Recovery: Overcoming Ambivalence & Saying Yes to Recovery by Patrick Meninga

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  • The Top 10 Excuses That Addicts and Alcoholics Use to Justify Their Addiction and Why it is All BS  1
  • Excuse #1: “I have to drink/use drugs in order to work or continue to be successful.”. 1
  • Excuse #2: “I need to drink/use drugs in order to be social.”. 1
  • Excuse #3: “I’m not hurting anyone else.”. 2
  • Excuse #4: “Everybody else drinks/uses drugs, so why shouldn’t I?”. 3
  • Excuse #5: “If you had my problems then you would drink or use drugs too.”. 3
  • Excuse #6: “I’m not really addicted, and can stop any time I want.”. 4
  • Excuse #7: “I work hard and I deserve to indulge in this.”. 5
  • Excuse #8: “I suffer from XYZ and need this to help medicate me.”. 5
  • Excuse #9: “I need to drink/use drugs in order to be creative.”. 6
  • Excuse #10: “I don’t drink/use as much as THAT guy. Now he has a problem.”. 7
  • I Am Quitting Drugs and Alcohol For Good This Time-10 Ways to Tell When an Addict or Alcoholic is Full of Crap  9
  • They back out of commitments to get help as soon as they start to feel better physically. 11
  • They are still drunk or high on drugs when they tell you they are stopping for good. 12
  • They say they are done for good, but they are not willing to follow any of your suggestions in regards to getting some help for their problem. 13
  • They tell you they are done drinking and using drugs forever but they are not willing to let go of toxic relationships that are no good for them. 14
  • They say they are quitting drugs and alcohol forever but they say they cannot give up their questionable job or career that puts them at high risk for relapse. 16
  • They say they want to stop using but they continue to struggle for control in every situation, rather than letting go and surrendering. 17
  • They say that they know they need to stop drinking or using drugs, but deep down they know that they don’t want to. 18
  • They say that they will quit for good if and when X happens. 19
  • They say that they are going to stop using X but continue to use Y. 20
  • They continue to argue that getting real help (such as drug rehab, counseling, AA meetings, etc.) actually makes them want to drink more. 22
  • So what can you do if they are not ready to stop using or drinking?. 23
  • Finding the Motivation to Get Clean and Sober 25
  • Positive inspiration for change. 25
  • Digging into the past 26
  • Surrender: the gift of desperation. 27
  • Convincing Yourself to Go to Rehab-Overcoming 12 Common Excuses for Not Seeking Addiction Help  30
  • Excuse #1: “People need me in the outside world. If I go to rehab I will be missed.”. 31
  • Excuse #2: “I have anxiety and cannot deal with groups. They will force me to speak in front of groups.”  31
  • Excuse #3: “I have been to treatment before. It does not work for me.”. 32
  • Excuse #4: “I am different from other addicts. I truly love drugs.”. 34
  • Excuse #5: “I use drugs to expand my consciousness. They enhance me spiritually.”. 35
  • Excuse #6: “I am happier when I am using drugs.”. 36
  • Excuse #7: “I am more creative when I use drugs. Without them, I am uninspired.”. 38
  • Excuse #8: “I won’t have any friends if I get clean and sober.”. 39
  • Excuse #9: “I won’t be able to work if I quit drugs.”. 40
  • Excuse #10: “I deserve to use drugs. That is how I reward myself. I work hard and deserve it.”. 42
  • Excuse #11: “I depend on drugs for a medical condition. It is a medical necessity for me.”. 43
  • Excuse #12: “I don’t need rehab, because I could actually stop if I really wanted to. I just don’t want to.”  45
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