Where to Find a Substance Abuse Detox Center that Can Help You...

Where to Find a Substance Abuse Detox Center that Can Help You to Quit Drugs


Where can you find a substance abuse detox center that can help you to quit drugs and alcohol?  I have a couple of suggestions for anyone who is struggling to get clean and sober and is seeking help.

First of all, you should start locally.  There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the more important reasons is because when you stay local with your treatment, it gives you the advantage of learning how to live clean and sober in your home environment.

Some people think that they need to fly across the country in order to go to rehab and learn how to live clean.  This is all well and good, but what happens when the people come home?  If you are not familiar with the support system at home, then you are sort of back to square one.  If you seek out a local detox center for your addiction treatment, then you have the advantage of being exposed to a support system that can likely help you to stay clean and sober in the long run.  In most cases, this will be in the form of AA and NA meetings that you would attend while in treatment.  Getting familiar with these meetings in your area  can give you a big leg up on your recovery when you leave treatment, as opposed to someone who has never been to meetings in their area.

So start locally. Call up a local drug detox center and start asking questions.  Basically you have 2 questions:

1) How can I get funding in order to come to treatment there?

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2) What are my alternatives if I do not qualify for treatment there or if I cannot afford it?

Those are the important questions that you need to be asking.  If you all up all the local addiction treatment centers and drug rehab clinics in your area and ask both of those questions, then you will start get a very good idea of exactly what sort of services you qualify for (or can afford).

Addiction treatment is not free.  In fact it is never totally free, there is always a cost to it, the question is simply: “Who is paying for it?”

In the worst case scenario, an addict or alcoholic would not qualify for any funding, would have no insurance, and would be forced to either pay cash or choose not to attend treatment at all.  This is the most expensive case and also the least likely to occur.

Another scenario is that the addict would have private insurance.  If this is the case, then services will likely be covered to some extent, but it is also likely that some out of pocket cost will be incurred as well.  It might seem like you should be “all set” if you have private insurance, but many policies do not cover substance abuse detox at all, or they may just cover residential services, and so on.  It’s all in the details.

A very common scenario is that the addict will not have private insurance, but they either have Medicaid or they might not, but still qualify for state funding.  In this case they can probably attend treatment without having to put up any of their own money, which is good because nearly every addict in this situation does not have much money.

So those are the common funding types for substance abuse rehab and if you find yourself in one of those situations then it is your responsibility to make the calls and get yourself the help that you need.  Ask questions and be prepared to jump through some hoops.  Help is available out there for just about anyone, if they are willing to do the footwork to get themselves into rehab.

Good luck!

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