What is Steel Addiction?

What is Steel Addiction?


Steel addiction is when someone becomes addicted to body piercing, and many individuals pierce for several reasons. They want to make their association to a specific group known, or they use it as a form of body beautification, or as a way to fill some need inside of them that is not met with anything else.

Body Piercing can be done with sterling silver, gold or titanium. Regular silver if used can become slightly addictive because the silver slowly gets deposited into the skin. If gold is used 14-18karat is recommended over gold filled or plated, and some individuals are allergic to white gold therefore this is not used as much as amber colored gold.
Hey, look what i stabbed metal through :)
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Many people have a tendency to pierce for a variety of reasons and sometimes this behavior becomes very addictive. The person may feel a sense of freedom by being able to cut or put piercings in their body, or it may be a sense of control they feel where they may not have control in other parts of their lives. They may be filling a void, or they are trying to disguise their true self behind the piercings and tattoos. In some cases it may be peer pressure or a desire to be so different to stand out for the attention factor.

Anyone can have an addiction to anything. If the substance or act fills something that the individual feels they need it is very difficult to stop. With drugs the body becomes dependent on the substance and with the act of other things it becomes more of a habit or coping mechanism. With piercing there is pain involved and a rush or high that comes from the pain, and if the body enjoys that high it will crave it more and more leading to more and more tattoos or piercings. Some piercers believe that it gives them a self-esteem booster or a sense of power. The more pain the stronger they believe themselves to be and the more powerful they are.

Many pierced individuals utilize this as a way to relieve stress, or pain of physical abuse or mental abuse. It is a way for some to prove that they are physically alive and the pain from the piercings verifies that for them. In other cases it may be a form of punishment or discipline. When the need for piercing takes over one’s life that is when there may be a problem with piercing addiction. If the person cannot stop piercing and almost every part of their body is pierced and they still want more piercings there may be a problem. When the individual cannot find anyone to give them one more piercing and they try and give themselves a piercing there is definitely a problem. Also when someone pierces every time something bad or uncomfortable happens there may be a serious issue there.

Addictions can be towards anything or anyone. The body or the mind craves that thing that made it feel better or alive for that short period of time, and the individual will continue to chase that high until they learn to deal with what is inside of them that is lacking or needs attention. Whether it is piercing, tattooing, cutting or substance abuse, the behavior can be unlearned. There are many people out there that use piercing as a form of adornment or accessory to their body and occasional piercing is absolutely fine. It is a problem when it takes over one’s life and becomes something that takes precedence over everything else. Everything can be done in moderation and when it is able to be handled and stopped at will it is ok, but when it takes over an individual’s life then that is time to look into the situation a little closer.


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