Stop Drug Abuse

Stop Drug Abuse


What is the best way to stop drug abuse and change your path in life?  Many people who are using drugs or alcohol in an abusive way would like to change the course of their life, but they often lack the knowledge for how to go about doing so.

In most cases such people will be addicted or alcoholic, or may just be entering into the early stages of addiction.  They face a potential lifetime of misery and addiction if they continue to use drugs and alcohol, but they might sense this based on observing others (especially older family members who may be addicts).

Most people follow a logical progression when they try to stop abusing drugs.  This is based on what has worked well for them in the past when they tried to change other habits in their life.  So the person might simply try to cut down on their intake, or switch from using one drug to another.  For example, someone might be abusing pain medication, and they notice that their use is spiraling out of control, so they might try quitting the pills for a while and try drinking instead.  Or they might stop using cocaine but try smoking a little weed every now and then.

To the average person, these attempts at quitting one drug or using substitutions makes perfect sense.  There is nothing wrong with the idea behind doing this sort of thing, other than the fact that the end result is usually bad.  What normally happens is that it does not work, and people eventually return to their drug of choice.  Or they may develop even bigger problems with the drug that they are substituting with.  Remember, alcohol is a drug.

So maybe someone who is abusing drugs will figure out that it is really holding them back in life, and they will also play around a bit with trying to cut down on their own, and they may realize at some point that they have a serious problem and that they cannot just stop by themselves.  They admit that they need help in order to do so.  This is the point where they sort of declare to themselves that they are actually addicted and that they need to seek a solution beyond their own ideas about manipulating how much and how often they consume drugs.  Those tactics have failed them repeatedly.  They are addicted.  Out of control.  And they need help.

At this point, I would recommend that the average person seek professional services if they can afford it.  Many cannot, but you have to ask and see what help is available out there.  In many cases, people can go to rehab or get counseling services for free, based on their exact situation and the resources available to them.  You don’t know unless you ask.  Call up local drug rehab center and ask them how you can qualify for funding.  Ask them if there is any help available for you, even if you have no insurance and no money.  There may be help available.

You don’t know unless you ask.

Asking for help is a critical step in the process anyway.  If you cannot start with this humble request, then chances are you are not ready to stop using drugs anyway.