Helping a Crack Addict

Helping a Crack Addict


If you want to help out a crack addict who is struggling to get clean then one of the best things you can do for them is to encourage them to go to treatment.  Now the fact is that no one who is on crack really needs a detox, because there are essentially no physical withdrawal symptoms from crack cocaine, but they are more likely struggling with the lifestyle that accompanies the use of the drug.  Of course in most cases a crack addict will also be using other drugs as well, particularly common is alcohol.  If they are using both then a physical detox becomes more important.

It’s not to hard to figure out how to approach someone addicted to crack and convince them to go to rehab.  You do it when they have burned through all their cash.  Simple as that.  The nature of the drug is such that they will quickly blow through all of their money and will probably feel great remorse about doing so.  This is the perfect timing to pitch them about getting some help.  Their life is shambles and they are blowing all their money anyway, so what do they have to lose?  If you can time this correctly then it will make sense for them to go to rehab for some help with their addiction.

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Most people who use this drug are addicted to the lifestyle.  They are as much addicted to the fast life, the late nights, the partying, and the intense high as they are actually hooked on the chemicals themselves.  It is a lifestyle drug.  In order to break free from this, many people will need to be in treatment for a few weeks or in some cases even longer.  If they have been experiencing a long pattern or history of relapse, then long term treatment might be the best option for most crack addicts.  There they can learn how to live a normal life and actually experience some accountability while they are learning how to do so.  This can work especially well for some addicts after other treatment methods have failed them in the past.  If you can’t stay clean by going to a residential program, then you probably need more help and should consider long term treatment instead.

Many will also go to 12 step meetings, such as NA, in order to recover.  Whatever works for you is great.  Find the support you need to stay clean.


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