Do You Really Need Cocaine Rehab?

Do You Really Need Cocaine Rehab?


Do you really need to go to cocaine rehab?  Or do you just need to break free from the intense psychological addiction and lifestyle of using cocaine every day?

Some drugs are very addicting physically.  Other drugs are more of a psychological battle.  For example, heroin and nicotine are very addictive physically.  Alcohol can be as well.  With cocaine, it is more of a psychological battle.

Now don’t get me wrong.  You can still damage your body by putting cocaine into it.  But if you stop taking cocaine cold turkey, what happens?  Nothing bad.  With other drugs, stopping cold turkey can be really uncomfortable or even fatal.  But with cocaine, you can simply stop without any physical repercussions.

Of course, this does not mean that cocaine is not addictive.  People get very addicted to cocaine.  However, it is a psychological battle to stay off of the drug.

What really screws up the cocaine addict is the lure of the lifestyle.  Cocaine is a drug that alters your lifestyle in a way that people glamorize and look up to.  You can stay up longer, party all night, and so on.  You run with a wild crowd that does the same.  You lose weight and start looking great.  And so on.  It is a glamorous lifestyle to the addict and one that they aspire to hang on to.

Cocaine Cowboys
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So what does cocaine rehab consist of?  Well there is the usual residential treatment center–a typical drug rehab that might last 2 weeks or so.  You have lectures, 12 step meetings, group therapy, maybe some one on one counseling, and so on.  This may or may not help a cocaine addict in learning to deal with their problem.  It is certainly a starting point for recovery, anyway, and any addict should give rehab a chance to see if it works for them.

Many who are addicted to cocaine will go to rehab such as this and end up relapsing though.  In this case, it is not so much because they did not learn any good recovery tools at treatment, but because they are not living them and practicing them once they get out of treatment. You have to change your life from the inside out in order to recover from drug addiction and the main thing that will pull the cocaine addict back into relapse is the lure of the old lifestyle.  It is not just about the drug, or the high from it.  It is about the lifestyle that goes along with it.

In this case, you might consider trying long term treatment as a way to establish a new lifestyle in recovery.  If traditional rehab has failed for you in the past, consider long term rehab.  This might work better for an addiction to cocaine anyway because:

1) Recovering from a lifestyle drug like Coke requires more of a “hands on approach” in actually living a new life in recovery as opposed to most other drugs.

2) Building new relationships outside of the drug world is easily facilitated by living in a recovery home.

In other words, skip detox for this particular addiction and consider long term treatment instead.