Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Treatment for Marijuana Addiction


Treatment for marijuana addiction generally consists of residential rehab and a 12 step based program.  If you seek out help for a drug addiction problem then this is probably what you are going to find as a proposed solution.  Now some people will hesitate at the idea of going to a drug rehab center for marijuana addiction on the grounds that it is not necessary.  This is pretty much a myth though (that marijuana addiction is harmless) and people who struggle with it should definitely seek treatment and be prepared to take real action in order to change their life.

Now just because Marijuana is a real addiction does not mean that the treatment they offer you for it is perfect.  In fact the typical drug rehab center is not set up to focus on marijuana and instead is more geared toward opiate addicts and alcoholics. But this is really just a detail and a drug is a drug when it comes to recovery.  But in the early stages it can be important to be able to identify with others about where you are at, and sometimes that involves specific drug cravings.  So really the ideal treatment for a marijuana addict is to be able to talk and share with other marijuana addicts who are also struggling to get clean.  Later on in recovery, the specific drugs you were on do not really matter and the message of recovery becomes more universal.  But in the beginning it can be important to relate to others.

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Now there is another point to be made here and that is in reference to youth.  A lot of the people who are hooked on marijuana are actually younger people, and in that case it is not necessarily a good idea to get them together with each other to help them relate and recover.  Why not?  Because they did studies that proved that group therapy was detrimental for young people.  They maturity level was too low and they focused on glamorizing drugs and simply made plans to go use with each other after treatment.  So if you are trying to treat a younger addict then realize that family therapy is much better than group therapy when it comes to success rates.

The best long term strategy for marijuana addiction is to treat it with holistic growth and development.  That means that you need to keep growing as a person in new ways and learning new things in recovery.  Such a holistic approach is more powerful than most other therapies because it is larger and can encompass those as well.

Treatment may be necessary for you if you:

1) Have tried to quit smoking weed but were unable to do so on your own.

2) Are not willing to try to stop smoking because you believe that you would be suicidally depressed without getting high.

3) Do not have any friends or people in your life who are not into drugs or alcohol.

There is hope for a new life but you have to take the initiative and take real action.  Most people are too lazy to do this until the pain in their lives from drug addiction becomes great enough.