Is THC Detox Really Necessary?

Is THC Detox Really Necessary?


Some people think that they need a THC detox, but for the most part, this is not really true.  At least not in the medical sense of the term. People who use THC, whether they get it in the form of a pill or from smoking marijuana, generally do not go through a serious physical withdrawal when stopping THC intake.  Now in some extreme cases, people can go through a bit of physical discomfort when stopping the drug, but this is very rare and is not serious or life threatening in any way.  For example, some heavy THC users may feel fatigued and get headaches when they first stop taking the drug cold turkey, but this is nothing to get alarmed about or take serious action regarding this.  Any withdrawal from THC is largely psychological and any physical symptoms are going to be fairly tame compared to other drugs.

That being said, there is still the potential for a strong psychological withdrawal, and the main issue that THC addicts will have to deal with is learning how to go through their life without self medicating any more. There are a huge number of people out there who use THC on a regular basis, and argue that it is not addictive.  This is probably true on the surface, and the drug itself is probably no more addictive than, say, an over the counter sleep aid would be.  But this does not tell the whole story.  People who make this comparison are only considering the physical addiction aspect of the drug.  While marijuana may not be physically addictive, it can be very addictive from a behavioral and psychological perspective.

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The people who are addicted to THC are generally using it to medicate their emotions, whether they realize it or not.  For example, any time they experience any drama or stress in their life, they will come to rely on THC in order to medicate their feelings of frustration or anger.  If they continue to medicate with the drug, then eventually they will be using THC to medicate their everyday stress and anxiety.  They will not feel normal in dealing with everyday life unless they are high.  They will not feel normal in participating in ordinary activities unless they are high.  It becomes their new baseline for feeling normal.  Everything that they do, they will want to do it high.  Thus, what really is not physically addicting at all can become a very strong psychological addiction.

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