Quit Smoking Aids

Quit Smoking Aids


Do quit smoking aids really work?  Do they offer real help to the struggling nicotine addict that is desperately trying to quit smoking?  Or are they really just a giant distraction?

Allow me to get right down to my opinion here: I think they are a giant distraction, personally.

Now I would still suggest that people who are trying to quit smoking do whatever they can in order to quit.  The worst thing in the world is to simply keep smoking and put the idea of quitting on the “back burner.”  Never do that if you are trying to quit.  Try something different.  Try quitting again.  Set a quit date in the near future.  Get serious about quitting.

Never, never, never just let yourself smoke every day with no thought of quitting.  You have to get motivated if you are going to make it happen.

Now my experience was that I tried many times over again to quit smoking and I failed over and over again.  It took me several years of trying before I finally quit and made it sick (coming up on 4 years nicotine-free by the way!).  And I did try a lot of different quit smoking aids on my journey, such as the gum, the nicotine patch, and also Wellbutrin (or Zyban).  For the record, I did not try Chantix, nor did I try nicotine lozenges or inhalers, so I cannot really comment on those.

What I did find in my journey was a person who gave a really strong argument regarding the benefits of quitting cold turkey.  Now if you are a recovering drug addict like myself who hates the idea of an uncomfortable withdrawal, then cold turkey quitting sounds like a nightmare to you.  But this person convinced me that cold turkey actually made the most sense when it came to quitting smoking.  They also showed me how the statistics were wildly skewed, and that most people who quit successfully actually did it cold turkey, and not with some other gimmick.

In addition to this, everyone who uses a quit smoking aid actually does quit cold turkey….eventually.  In other words, if you are using the patch or the gum or the lozenges, all of these are putting nicotine into your system.  At some point you stop using the aid.  At that point your body is going cold turkey from the drug nicotine.  I have experienced this with the nicotine patch and I can testify to the fact that it is not much different than going cold turkey from cigarettes themselves.  In both cases you are going through a few days of nicotine withdrawal.

In the end, cold turkey worked for me.  Perhaps all of the quit smoking aids were just props; excuses for a reason to relapse or something.  But in the end I did not need them.  And I don’t think you do either.  Good luck….