Herbal Products to Help with Quitting Smoking

Herbal Products to Help with Quitting Smoking


Can herbal products help with quitting smoking?

Yes. I successfully quit smoking over 2 and half years ago, saving myself almost $3,000 dollars in cigarette money. (Watch the video for more on the costs of smoking).

Herbal products played a big part in what finally helped me to quit when so many other techniques had failed for me.

I tried the Nicotine patches several times, and failed to quit every time with them.

I also tried Zyban, which did not work for me either.

The real secret to my successful quit

I tried to quit smoking cigarettes for so many years that I thought I would never be able to pull it off. Looking back, I can see that what I was doing was jumping around and trying different solutions. None of them worked, and I became frustrated.

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Luckily, I kept trying new things; new techniques to help me quit.

I have a close friend who managed to quit successfully using hypnosis. He is a hardcore smoker of over 30 years and nothing worked for him, either, until he tried hypnosis. Good for him. The key is to keep trying until you find something that works for you. Herbal supplements seemed to finally do the trick for me, after everything else had failed.

You cannot afford to keep smoking

If you watched the video above, I talk about what it costs each year to smoke. But what if you never quit? Imagine your life ten years down the road if you keep smoking. Instead of just $1,500 each year spent on cigarettes, you are now talking about having spent $15,000 over ten years on cigarettes. Not to mention the long term health benefits, such as dying 10 years “before your time” or contracting lung cancer. These are not minor costs!

How much should you spend on quitting smoking?

Whatever it takes. Period.

I finally figured this out one day, after trying and failing to quit so many times. I decided to do whatever it takes to quit smoking. I set myself an unlimited budget to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. I even took time off work and a vacation, just to reward myself in the first few weeks of quitting. In short, I became willing to do whatever was necessary, and to spend however much money was necessary, in order to ensure a successful quit.

The cost of continuing to smoke is too great.

I might have spent $100, maybe $200 dollars on quitting. I was prepared to spend a lot more if necessary. And looking back, I’ve saved close to $3,000 so far from not buying another pack each day. There are other savings as well, but that is a big one.

Herbal supplements are what finally did the trick for me. Cigarrest is the most reputable herbal quit kit, and you can check them out right here.

God bless and good luck on your quit!

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