Facts about Smoking Should Entice You to Quit

Facts about Smoking Should Entice You to Quit


If you smoke cigarettes, you should be aware of the facts about smoking. If you inform yourself, you will understand how dangerous smoking really is. You should definitely consider quitting for good because cigarettes are very dangerous for your health.

The fact is that smoking puts people at risk for developing serious diseases and conditions like heart disease, emphysema, stroke, lung cancer, COPD and oral cancer. People are dying each year because of diseases that result from smoking. Keep in mind that cigarettes contain nicotine and carbon monoxide. When you smoke, your blood pressure and heart rate increases and it strains your heart. Smoking slows down blood flow and it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. It cuts off oxygen to the feet and hands, and some smokers have ended up with amputated limbs. Smoking makes your heart work harder and it can swell up your airways, which means that less air will travel into your lungs.

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In addition, smoking can also lead to emphysema which is a condition that damages the lungs. Many people that have emphysema suffer from heart and lung failure and they get bronchitis over and over again. Smoking kills about 500,000 people each year in the United States. Most of these people die from heart disease, lung cancer or emphysema.

You should avoid smoking all kinds of cigarettes, because they are all dangerous. Studies show that lighter cigarettes are not healthier because people tend to inhale deeper when they smoke them. Nicotine-free cigarettes are also dangerous and they contain tar. When any kind of cigarette is burned, harmful chemicals are produced. These chemicals contain carcinogens that damage the human body.

Cigarettes are very addictive and quitting can be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you want to get healthy and quit smoking, you can use the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and medication. Wellbutrin is often prescribed for people that want to quit smoking. This medication will decrease your cravings for nicotine and it will boost your mood because it is an antidepressant. If you use the nicotine patch or gum with medication, you will have an easier time quitting. I strongly recommend that you take quit-smoking medication for at least a year if you want to be successful. In addition, you should take a good multivitamin because it really helps. You will have more energy, a better mood and less cravings if you take a vitamin each day. Quitting is never easy, but it is definitely worth it, because you will:

* Save several thousand dollars per year in not spending money on cigarettes or on quit smoking products that don’t really work anyway (just go cold turkey!).

* Save almost a full month out of every year in which you would have been actually in the act of smoking. Imagine that: you spend almost a full month out of each year actually smoking.  This is insane, especially when you realize that one third of your life does not count due to sleep, and you are smoking away practically half of your remaining waking hours.  This is time that could be spent with friends or family, but instead you are often huddled outside and isolated instead.

Just the feeling of freedom alone that you get when you are finally done with this addiction should be enough to motivate you.  Hopefully these facts will help stir up the idea of quitting also.  Good luck!