Should you Consider a Narconon Drug Rehab Center for Your Recovery –...

Should you Consider a Narconon Drug Rehab Center for Your Recovery – Is it a Scam?


I have never actually been to a Narconon drug rehab center, but I have talked with people who have been there before.

Basically, it is NOT a scam, not any more than any other rehab is.

You have to realize that the entire treatment industry is a bit of  sham, because the whole thing just works so poorly.  It does not matter where you go to rehab, success rates are lousy.

Now if you flip around the internet enough you can find addiction treatment centers that claim to have a certain success rate.  Some may claim to have a certain percentage success rate such as 60 or 80 or 40 percent.

I can promise you now that all of those claims are false or badly manipulated, unless they are under 10 percent.

If you take a thousand people and you send them to ANY rehab, at least 90 percent of them will have relapsed within a year or less.  There is no way around this.  There is no miracle cure out there.  Most people who attend treatment have not truly hit bottom, so there is no way to convince them that they need to take massive action and really change their life for the better.

I will say this much in regards to Narconon: I would not spend outrageous amounts of money to go there, as I would not spend large amounts of money to go to ANY drug rehab facility.

It is not that drug rehabs don’t work, because they do.  It is not that Naconon does not work, because obviously, some people have actually got clean and sober there.  But the fact is that it does not work better or worse than any other rehab.

There are free, non profit drug rehabs out there that are state funded and set up to help homeless addicts.  And guess what?  Their success rate is very, very similar to a place that charges $2,000 per day and has a personal chef for each client. There is no difference in the success rates. Seriously.

So what should you do if you need help?

What should you do if you are looking for the best place to get clean and sober?

Do you seek out the “best” rehab?  Do you spend a lot of money, in the hopes that you can somehow buy your way to recovery?

No.  This is a mistake.  You cannot buy your recovery.  You cannot purchase willingness.  It is not for sale, at any price.  You cannot spend more money and get a better rate of success when it comes to recovery.

Go live in a homeless shelter and attend AA for free every day and get humble and beg for your recovery.  That will work just as well as the $2,000 per day luxury rehab.

So do you need Narconon?  Not really.  But you don’t need any expensive rehab. What you need is to surrender and ask for help.  Call up local treatment centers and see what is reasonable, what the cost is, what your insurance covers, what if you don’t have insurance, all that good stuff.  Get on the phone and call up the local places.  That should be your starting point.

Going to a specific treatment center will not help you.  Rehab can help, and it might be critical, but it probably does not matter WHICH rehab you go to.  Thinking so is almost always a fallacy.

Narconon is not a scam if you go there and you never use drugs or alcohol again.  But thinking that this is specific to one rehab is a mistake.  If that works for you, then going to ANY rehab would have worked.  It is all about your willingness, not about the treatment itself.

Personally, I would go where it is cheap.  If you go somewhere cheap and you relapse, it is not because the rehab was cheap.  It is because you were not ready to stop drinking and drugging.  Simple as that.

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