How Dangerous is Prescription Drug Addiction?

How Dangerous is Prescription Drug Addiction?


Really, how dangerous is prescription drug addiction?  Because the medication is legal and regulated, isn’t it a lot safer than taking drugs off the street, or even drinking alcohol?

Well, yes and no.  Of course the pills are regulated, and you know that you are getting a pure medication that has not been improperly cut with something.  But on the other hand, there are a lot of problems with prescription drugs that can make them just as dangerous as street drugs.  For example, prescription drugs:

1) Can be extremely powerful in some cases.

2) Can be just as addictive as street drugs.

3) Can be abused and cause overdose or death.

4) Can be combined with other medications or with alcohol to produce dangerous or fatal results.

5) Can be sold on the black market and traded for illegal drugs.

6) Can lead to dependency or further experimentation with other drugs.

7) Can be easier to justify because they are legal and prescribed.

8) Doctors can be manipulated into give more medicine than is necessary.

And so on.  There are all sorts of factors that can make prescription drug addiction just as dangerous as illegal street drugs.  And the kicker is that most people will justify this as being a non-issue, because the pills are legal and they feel that they are safer and more justified than someone who buys drugs off the street.  In fact, the real danger is in the medication seeking mindset, where an addict will exaggerate symptoms and demand more medicine than what is required, simply due to their addiction.  All they while the person will deny that they have a problem and simply need more drugs as a matter of medical necessity.

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It is due to these factors that you should exercise caution when using prescription drugs.  Do not try to shun responsibility and put all of this on to your doctor.  You are your own doctor.  Every person who is an adult is actually their own doctor, and YOU decide what drugs are going to go into your body.  You might consult with a doctor, who can make recommendations and suggestions, and can even write prescriptions, but they are not in charge of your body.  Do not give away so much power and then claim innocence when you get hooked on powerful painkillers or tranquilizers.  You are in charge of your body and just because a doctor thinks you need a medication does not mean he crammed it down your throat.

If your doctor prescribes an addictive medication, ask for an alternative.  They exist for nearly any pill.