Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal


If you are going through benzodiazepine withdrawal then you need to seriously look at the idea of asking for help and getting into a drug rehab of some sort.  If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the medication, then that is a big warning sign that you might need medical assistance in order to safely detox from the medicine.  Withdrawal from benzodiazepines can actually be somewhat dangerous, as it can lead to seizures, even if you have never had a seizure before.  So it is something that you need to take seriously and follow up with some action if you are experiencing symptoms.

What will these withdrawal symptoms be?  You might be having restlessness, anxiety, headaches, sweats, tremors, shaking, or hallucinations.  The hallucinations may start out being very mild, and you might just be hearing or seeing things out of the corner of your eye.  At the other extreme, you might be delusional and believe that the hallucinations are real.  If you are at the point where you are having full blown hallucinations, you definitely should be under professional medical care somewhere.  With symptoms that severe, it is more and more likely that a seizure will occur at some point, because the nervous system in your body is so out of whack from the withdrawal.  It is used to being heavily sedated with the drugs, and now suddenly it is kicked into overdrive.

So if you are having any of these symptoms and you think that you might need some help for your detox, then your best bet is to try to go to a drug rehab center.  If you are hallucinating or shaking violently, then you should skip this step and go directly to a hospital or emergency room, but understand that they might not have a long term solution for your drug addiction problem at the hospital.  They might just get you stable with more of the same medication that you are trying to get off of.  At a drug rehab center, they will give you the medication that you need to get stable, but then they will taper you down to nothing while you are there, and you will leave being drug free.  If that is your ultimate goal then you should opt for the drug rehab, provided you can get it set up.

Most people take these medications for anxiety, and they can show you new ways to deal with anxiety at drug rehab.  You just have to be willing enough to explore a new way of dealing with things.