Information About Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Information About Vicodin Addiction Treatment


Is there such a thing as Vicodin addiction treatment?  And what does it consist of?  How does it work?

There is definitely such a thing as Vicodin treatment and anyone who is struggling with opiate addiction can go through the process and achieve a new way of living.  There is certainly more than one way to go about getting help for a problem like this but I will illustrate to you the way that I have seen work for many people, and also present some options that you have along the way.

The solution for many people will start with a trip to an addiction treatment center. This would be a drug rehab that has a detox unit and also a residential treatment program.  Most people who attend there would go through 3 to 5 days of detox, followed by a week or two of residential treatment.  They used to be 28 day programs but those are pretty much gone because the cost is just too high.  Treatment is shorter than that these days but it can still be effective if you take real action based on what you learn while you are there.

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Detox from Vicodin is similar to detox from other opiates. There are withdrawal symptoms and they are generally pretty uncomfortable, but they will vary in intensity depending on the person, the amounts that they have been taking, and also the length of time that they have been on the drug.  The severity of the withdrawal will also depend on whether or not they have been abusing other drugs as well, such as alcohol.  If you have been taking relatively small amounts of the drug for a very short period of time, then the detox process will be relatively painless.  But if you have been taking large quantities of the drug for a very long period of time, then the detox process will be much more involved and uncomfortable.  This will also depend a bit on your particular body type and metabolism.

They can help treat your withdrawal symptoms while you are in detox by giving you medication.  There is little risk of getting hooked on these medications because they will taper you off of them and you will usually leave rehab being completely drug free.  In some cases, some recovering addicts choose to stay on a maintenance drug in order to either stay off of street drugs, or to help medicate chronic pain.  Those instances are usually pretty rare though and most people can become completely opiate-free and still be able to manage any chronic pain that they might have.

Pain is an interesting side issue and many people will have to deal with it in their recovery.  Most anyone who is hooked on Vicodin probably has pain issues, so it is worth considering.  They will want to explore alternatives to medicating their pain, such as holistic remedies and over the counter medications that are not addictive.  Many people find that they can control their chronic pain if they are willing to explore their options a bit.