Various Options for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Various Options for Heroin Addiction Treatment


There are several different options available when it comes to heroin addiction treatment.  Let’s take a look at a few of them and see what are the advantages and disadvantage.

One is to just do it yourself, cold turkey, on the couch at home. You might try to go through detox this way on your own and realize that you cannot do it.  If so then that is a typical outcome, and most will not be strong enough to avoid relapse while going through cold turkey withdrawal from heroin.  Do not beat yourself up over this.  The second part of this equation is: what are you doing for long term support in recovery?  If you do not have a solid plan then you are destined to relapse.  The biggest single reason that an addict will fail in recovery is not having a good plan and not following through with it.  Without the plan you cannot have constant, continuous action.  This will lead to a quick relapse.

Another option for addiction treatment of heroin is to go to an ultra rapid detox clinic. Of course this is expensive, because it is currently very new and is not covered by insurance companies.  So if you do this you will have to pay cash.  The procedure cleans your system out while you are knocked out cold and you wake up with little or no withdrawal symptoms at all.  The pitch is that this “cures” your addiction, because you completely avoid withdrawal.  Of course, you are not really “cured,” any more than a person who has sat in jail for a few weeks is cured.  You still have to deal with the psychological pull to use heroin or other opiates.  Many, many people who have undergone ultra rapid detox have relapsed back onto opiates and essentially wasted their money on a solution that failed them.  So this might not be the best option for opiate addiction treatment for every person out there.

One final option for heroin treatment is to go to a short term residential facility.  This is probably the most reasonable choice for most people, though you have to realize that this is by no means a magic bullet either, and it, too, is expensive.  Most addicts who go to residential treatment will not stay clean and sober either.  As a numbers game, the outcomes for any type of treatment are not great.  It is still worth going to rehab though because the potential rewards are so great.

You could also use drug therapy or maintenance but this is, of course, creating another dependency. I would recommend this as a good solution but I see it fail in my line of work for so many people that it is just ridiculous.  Treating drugs with drugs does not seem to work well, though it might work out well for a few people.

Choose one of these options, any of them, and take action.  Get motivated to change your life and ask for help.  Really that is the whole key, not in finding the perfect program, but in actually getting the ball rolling….