Heroin Addiction Help

Heroin Addiction Help

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Anyone who is struggling with a street drug such as this should consider seeking out some heroin addiction help for their problem.  There are a number of different possible solutions for anyone who is hooked on heroin.  These might include:

1) Inpatient detox or residential treatment.  This is probably the best bet for most addicts and should be a natural starting point for anyone looking to change their life.  The fact is that you are not going to have an easy time getting through the withdrawal unless you have some form of medical assistance.  In most detox centers they can give you a synthetic, partial opiate that will help to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms and relieve a great deal of pain that you would otherwise encounter.

2) Cold turkey.  This is not fun, and not recommended by anyone, at least for heroin withdrawal.  It sucks and it can make you violently ill, to the point that your symptoms will resemble a bad case of the flu.

3) Ultra rapid detox.  This is the hot new procedure where you feel no pain.  I would advise not to buy into the hype, as there are many drawbacks with this method and it is clearly quite new and not well tested at this point.  Plus it is expensive, much more so than other forms of detox.

If you don’t have any money and no insurance, you may still qualify to get help.  The key is to ask.

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Call up a local drug rehab center.  Have a list of questions ready to go:

* Can you get me into detox?  How much will it cost me?  How can I get funding?

* What are my options for getting funded to come to treatment there?

* What other rehabs are in this area?  Can I have their number?

And so on.  If you persist and ask lots of questions then you can get the information that you need in order to get started on a new life.

Remember, no one owes you anything, but many agencies are more than willing to help you if you are willing to put in an effort.  Sometimes you will have to wait a bit in order to get into places that can treat you without insurance.

Of course, if you have good medical insurance or lots of money, then these are not big issues, and you can just pick whichever treatment method you prefer.  But most people who are hooked on heroin are not in terrific financial shape.

There are other paths to heroin treatment as well, but none of them are going to give you as much support and medical attention as attending an inpatient detox facility.  For example, you could go cold turkey on your couch and then start attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and manage to stay clean that way.  People have done this and made it work, though it is no walk in the park.

There are other advantages to going to rehab as well, that go beyond the help that you get during physical detox.  For example, you will likely meet up with a therapist or counselor, who may be able to help you with other issues that you may be having in your life that are related to addiction.  Or they might be able to match you up with the resources or aftercare that you need in order to stay clean in the long run.

Most people think that drug rehab is all about drying out and getting a few weeks of clean time under their belt.  If this is all it is to you, then you are doomed to relapse.  The real key is in finding a new way to live that is sustainable, so that you can avoid relapse and keep making forward progress in your life.

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