If you Suffer an Addiction to Vicodin

If you Suffer an Addiction to Vicodin


If you have an addiction to Vicodin then there are a couple of solutions that might work out for you.  The first thing you should try is something you have probably already tried if you are here reading this, and that is to quit cold turkey.  Most people who are struggling with Vicodin addiction cannot do this and that is why they need help in order to quit.  If you are here then you have probably tried to quit cold turkey on your own and failed at it.  So let’s look at some other solutions.

The best solution is to call up a drug rehab center and go get checked in for detox.  This can be as little as 3 to 5 days and as much as a few weeks if you stay for residential treatment.  It is probably a good idea to stay for the full length if you can get funding for it because you can increase your chances of not relapsing when you get out.  Many people who go through the detox process actually end up relapsing right away after they leave rehab.  In fact this happens over fifty percent of the time by most statistics you read.  So it makes sense to do something in order to try and prevent this from happening and that means you need to follow through with some sort of treatment program.  Simply getting detoxed is not enough.

Now if you really do not want to go to rehab, then there is a possibility that your doctor might be able to help you with this, though it might require finding a special doctor who has training in treating opiate dependence. If you do choose to go this route, the doctor can possibly prescribe you with medication that can substitute for the Vicodin and then be slowly tapered down so that eventually you are not taking anything any more.  This is essentially what they will do in a drug detox center as well so in effect you would be getting the medication and simply detoxing on your own.  This is not really the best route to go though because you will miss out on a lot of support and learning that could occur in a treatment center.  If you do not have a strong support system and a specific plan of action that you are going to use in order to stay clean each day, then you really would be better off going to rehab.

The important thing is to be persistent in your effort to get clean.  If you try something and it does not work out for you, then regroup and try something else.  Taking action and doing something is a thousand times better than doing nothing at all but sitting at home and wishing that things were different.  Go to a 12 step meeting, call up a treatment center, call up an old sponsor from recovery, go see a counselor, do something.  Do anything.  Take action today and your life can start to heal and get better.