What does a Natural Detox for Drugs Consist of?

What does a Natural Detox for Drugs Consist of?


What is a natural detox for drugs consist of?  Generally speaking, simply quitting the drug cold turkey is about as “natural” as you can get.  Any time you are putting something into your body in order to try and facilitate detox or ease your withdrawal, then that sort of goes against the idea of “natural.”

So natural = cold turkey.

Or, natural detox = tapering off a drug, with no added assistance.  Simply stopping.

So the question becomes, should you do this?  Should you pursue a natural detox from drugs?

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The answer depends heavily on what drug or drugs you are taking.  First of all, there is a huge warning flag that you must heed in order to remain safe.  If you are on any of the following 4 types of drugs, then you should forget all about “natural detox” and instead go get some professional help:

1) Alcohol

2) Benzodiazepines

3) Barbiturates

4) Methadone

If you are taking any of those types of drugs then you really should have a medically supervised detox.  Doing anything else introduces some risk and you can have some very adverse medical consequences by trying to detox yourself from those substances.  Better to play it safe and ask for help.  The ideal setting is drug rehab where they have a medical detox unit.

Now if you are taking other drugs such as (most) opiates, marijuana, cocaine, caffeine, or nicotine, then you can simply stop taking the drugs and do your best to get through the withdrawals.  You can also experiment with tapering yourself off of those substances in an effort to minimize your withdrawal symptoms, though that might be difficult at best, especially if you are addicted to the substance.

In particular, opiate drugs, such as painkillers and heroin, are going to be very difficult to detox naturally from because the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable.  There are not many people who can make it through such a detox cold turkey without relapsing.  If this is the case with you and you have tried and failed to get clean by detoxing yourself, then you might want to try something different and get yourself to drug rehab.  No, it will not be a “natural” detox if you go to rehab, but when you walk out of there you will be completely drug free, and that is a heck of a lot better than the position you are probably in right now.  They might use a synthetic opiate in order to get you through withdrawal, but they will taper you off that medication and get you clean and sober in the end.  Certainly worth trying if nothing else has worked for you.

The bottom line is that if you have tried to quit taking a drug on your own and failed, then you need professional help in order to quit.  Do not be ashamed by the need to ask for help, just do it.  The sooner you take action then the sooner you can get your life back on track and start living again.

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