Is it Possible to Have a Fat Addiction?

Is it Possible to Have a Fat Addiction?


I think I personally have a fat addiction.  I love bacon and mayo.  I love bacon and mayo on greasy burgers.  I love to eat them every single day, and often do.

I love steak.  I love steaks that have tons of marbling and fat in them.  I love ribeyes that have huge chunks of fat in the center of them.

I used to have a George Foreman grill for this.  But now I just fry them in my T-Fal pan in lots of butter.  I buy thin ribeye steaks from Walmart and fry them in butter.  At times, I do this almost every night for dinner.

One time I quit smoking cigarettes (over 5 years ago) and I said to myself “I am going to eat steak every single day as a reward to myself for quitting smoking.”  So I proceeded to do just that, and ate steak almost every single day for the next year.

People said I was crazy.  They said I was suicidal even.  But I went and had my cholesterol checked at a hospital lab (they drew my blood to test this) and they said my triglyceride levels were so low that they could not measure my cholesterol.

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“Is that good?”  I asked.

“Heck yes!” the lady replied.  “You must do a lot of exercise.  We almost never see cholesterol readings this healthy.”

So I am an avid runner and I do about 25 miles per week, but this is not world class or anything.  But I told her about the steak diet and she was not amazed.  She simply said that my fitness was more than enough to compensate for a sloppy diet.

But I am definitely addicted to fat.  I have tried to eat Miracle Whip and it makes me gag.  I cannot eat it.  I have to have maximum fat.

Fat makes everything taste so much better.  I cannot stand to have “lite” anything.

Light cool whip.  Light mayo.  Light ice cream.  Just get it all away from me.  I know that sounds terrible and childish but I have to have the fat.  I love fat.

I have tried many times to alter my eating patterns.  I go so far as to do 4 day juice fasts every few months.  These are pretty intense and they obviously involve no food and no fat whatsoever.   When I return to eating afterwards, I actually appreciate the food again, and I do not crave the fat.  But this only lasts for a day or so.  Then I get re-addicted to the fat I suppose.

When I deprive myself of fat, it is hard to feel full.  I can even eat plenty of lean meat, but without the fat, I cannot really get that sensation of feeling full.  I feel hungry and deprived.

Eating fatty foods gives me a certain satisfaction that I do not get when I eat lite stuff.

One thing that I might try in the future is to switch over and eat only healthy fats for a while.  Raw foodists do this at times and they examine where they are getting their calories, and if they always feel hungry, then they increase the percentage that they get from fats.

Some fat is really healthy for you, like the fat that you get from avocados or from almonds.  But it is expensive to eat that way and it requires special effort and I do have some limitations (I am allergic to all nuts and seafood, for example).  So if I truly want to eat healthier then I have to commit to it, and make a special effort, and not make any excuses for myself.

I am just not quite there yet.  I still want the bacon-mayo-burger bomb.

Maybe some day though….

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