Getting Help for Meth Addiction

Getting Help for Meth Addiction


Methamphetamine addiction is one of the most dangerous drugs that causes dependency immediately after use. Meth use attacks the brain causing it to send messages to the nervous system which the body won’t be able function without the drug in your system. Life doesn’t contain the pleasure that a person can receive while under the influence of meth.

Methamphetamines are stimulants. The effects of this drug seem to be beneficial to the body. This is what increases the addiction. Effects of meth are alertness, physical exertions and decreased appetite. It is used in a variety of ways producing two separate feelings of being high. To get a quick fix users of meth smoke it or inject it. A long term high is created when the drug is taken orally or through snorting it.

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The only thing on an addicts mind is getting to their next high, or how they will get high. The drug will take over their body and lives very soon. The real world holds no place in their thougt process, as the drug has replaced all thoughts on reality.

Nobody wants to become a methamphetamine addict, but the drug’s addictive properties cause an addiction quickly.

Most people suffer from some part of life they want to push aside, suffer physical or emotional pain. They just want to be accepted by groups. These are some of the types that become addicts.

Prolonged use, causes other reactions than being high such as: severe anxiety, paronoia, restlessness, change in appearance, sick, jittery, repetitiveness, and grinding teeth.

Facial appearance changes due weight loss because of supressed appetite. This causes sunken eyes, hollow cheeks, thin skin which show vein. They will also begin losing their teeth as the drug continues to takes its toll. Lots of damage can be done to the body through this addiction, and some is irreversible.

Help cannot be done on your own. A treatment facility is required to get the help you will need to get over this problem. However, the wall period for this type addiction is six to eight months and can sometimes be two to three years, depending on how much you depended on the drug.

Programs go beyond detoxification preparing you for the long-time recovery. The patients are coached individually, or in therapy groups of four to six people. They are taught about the disease, ways to manage their cravings, and how to avoid substances that could trigger a relapse. Support from loved one is very crucial in recovery. Without the support this can easily put you in a relapse.

Clinics concentrate on relieving pain and your emotional response to it. While you are at the clinic, you will be given the drug in adequate doses to help relieve cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms. By doing this, it detoxifies the patient, and helps break the cycle of addiction over time. This is some one of the ways they help treat other drug users that use heroin and cocaine. Meth however, can last for months and lead lots of withdrawal and relapses in the long run.

There is help and it is okay to ask for help. Don’t wait until the changes in your loved one’s appearance happens, by then it may not be irreversible. The patient may not like you now, but will love you once you help them get the desired help they need to recover and come back to reality. If you are not sure what to do, look up numbers of treatment facilities, and call them up and ask lots of questions. Help for meth addiction is a phone call away. ┬áTake action today!