Doing Well After Leaving Drug Treatment Rehab Takes Hard Work – Period

Doing Well After Leaving Drug Treatment Rehab Takes Hard Work – Period


One of the big secrets to drug treatment rehab is that you have to take massive action in order to be successful in recovery.  Most people do not want to accept this simple truth, so they do everything that they can to dodge it.  People are lazy and do not want to put forth the huge amount of effort that it takes to stay clean and sober.  This should really come as no surprise, but what is surprising is that there are absolutely no shortcuts available.  With most types of problems, you can pay big money in a situation like this and get instant results….but not with addiction.  It doesn’t matter how much your inpatient alcohol treatment costs.

There is no secret trick available; no fast ticket to success.  In fact, the most prestigious and luxurious drug treatment rehabs in the world produce the exact same success rates as just about every other rehab out there.   There are no shortcuts to getting clean and sober, and there are no sure fire methods of recovery.  It takes hard work from the individual, period.  Lots of hard work.

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You can demonstrate this truth to yourself by examining our current success with treatment centers and substance abuse treatment.  You can look at people leaving rehab, you can look at the success rates of 12 step groups, or you can look at any combination of recovery strategies.  The bottom line is this: you will find that only a very small percentage of people stay clean and sober in the long run, something like 10 percent or less.

So out of everyone who attempts to get clean and sober, maybe something like 10 percent or less will still be clean and sober after 5 years.  In fact, the actual percentage is probably a lot lower, most estimates would put it closer to 3 percent or so.  But either way, the vast majority will not be clean and sober after 5 years.  Only a small amount will make it.

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And what can we learn about this small majority?  What can we learn about those who are successful?

Well, go ask them.  Ask someone with 5 years in recovery how hard they worked during their first year of sobriety.

Ask them how focused they were during their first year, how much intensity they had for pursuing sobriety.

In all cases, you will find that they were “very intense, very focused, worked extremely hard in the first, hardest thing they have ever done,” and so on.  Every single success story in recovery will tell you this.

In fact, those who find success in recovery will all likely report that:

* Staying clean and sober is the hardest thing they have ever done in their entire life, ever.

* They put more energy into learning to live this new sort of life than they have ever put into anything else, ever.

* They were more desperate for this to work than they have ever been before.  Ever.

And so on.  It just takes a whole lot of effort.  No way around it.

So there is the secret right there.  No one wants to hear it.  You have to work your tail off to succeed in recovery.  Period.


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