Drug Inpatient Rehab is a More Comprehensive Solution

Drug Inpatient Rehab is a More Comprehensive Solution


People who are struggling with addiction should consider going to drug inpatient rehab. There are a couple of reasons that I personally believe that inpatient rehab is far superior to other forms of treatment. Let’s take a look.

First of all, going to an inpatient drug rehab is going to give you the most protection from short term relapse. All other forms of addiction therapy and treatment basically have you exposed to the possibility of relapse, simply because you are not in a well controlled setting like you are when you are in a locked facility.  A big part of inpatient is simply keeping the drugs and the alcohol away from the clients for a few weeks.  That’s it.  There is not a lot of magic to it beyond that, and there does not need to be.  Simply keeping people safe and drug free is a huge step.  Just look at the other forms of addiction treatment, and realize that none of them really offer this level of control:

1) Outpatient rehab.

2) Counseling or one on one therapy.

3) Group therapy.

4) 12 step groups.

And so on.  Virtually all of the other possible solutions give the addict or alcoholic more freedom with which to hang themselves, so to speak.

Second of all, you are basically getting a more comprehensive level of addiction treatment when you seek out inpatient drug rehab. The reason for this is because you are not only getting fully detoxed and staying in a residential facility, but you are also going to draw on the strength of pretty much every therapy strategy available, including groups, 12 step meetings, counseling, and so on.  In other words, you get all of that stuff when you go to inpatient rehab. You are not limiting yourself in any way, really, because you will get a lot of different kinds of help during your stay in rehab.

Third, inpatient rehab offers the best planning and strategic plans for your future when it comes to setting up a recovery plan for you.  This is not going to be as comprehensive if you choose another form of treatment.  With inpatient, it is likely that you will have a dedicated therapist or counselor who will talk with you, work with your specific needs, and tailor make a recovery plan that works best for you and your available resources.  This dedication to detailed aftercare plans is going to produce better results than other forms of treatment, where you basically are dropped out on your own when you are finished with them.