3 Processes that are Essential for Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

3 Processes that are Essential for Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

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The best drug abuse treatment programs are the ones that push addicts to take action in creating a new life for themselves.  Most people believe that certain rehab programs are more successful than others, and that there must be certain techniques that are more effective than others when it comes to helping drug addicts to recover.  It’s not like that.  In fact, it matters very little what type of program is used or what treatment philosophy you follow when getting clean.  All that matters is surrender, willingness, and action.

That might sound a little strange but if you think it through it makes sense.  Look at any recovering addict who has got clean and sober through a program of recovery.  Find different addicts who used different recovery programs and are both clean and sober today.  Sit them down and ask them if they went through this process described below.  They will inevitably say that they did.  Keep in mind that these 3 processes are true for anyone who is successful in recovery, regardless of what program they followed in order to get there:

1) Surrender– the recovering addict who is living a successful life in recovery went through a process of surrender.  There is no way around this.  Any addict who has not truly surrendered to their addiction is still hanging on to control and they are still in denial.  The moment of surrender is where they stop fighting and struggling with their disease and agree to seek help.  The moment of surrender is really more than that though.  It is where the addict realizes that they do not have the answer.  That they cannot solve their own problem with addiction.  And they become open to an outside solution.  This is true surrender.  And it is necessary.

2) Willingness – ask the addict if they then had to become willing.  Ask them if their willingness was important in their early recovery.  These are no-brainer questions.  Of course they had to become willing.  It goes without saying.  You are talking about trying to move a mountain here.  The addict is only trying to change everything.  Their whole life.  Everything has to change.  Their attitude, how they deal with problems, the fact that they are going to abstain entirely from drugs and alcohol, the list goes on and on.  Of course they had to become extremely willing to pull this off.

3) Action – finally, ask the addict if they had to take action.  Did they have to actually do anything in order to recover?  They will laugh at you.  Duh.  It is all about action.