Getting a Foundation for Recovery in Drug Abuse Centers

Getting a Foundation for Recovery in Drug Abuse Centers


The thing is that many drug abuse centers can be helpful for the struggling addict, but typically not in the way that most people think that they may be.  For example, a lot of uninformed people believe that going to a a drug abuse center can basically cure someone from their drug problem overnight, and it simply does not work that way.  In fact, the only real long term solution for drug and alcohol abuse involves major changes on the part of the addict and a lot of hard work.

Most drug rehab centers use a detox area that is medically supervised, and also a residential area where addicts stay for several days during treatment.  They might also follow this up with either counseling or therapy or outpatient rehab after someone is finished with inpatient.  It all depends on the person and what the therapists believe would be the best course of action for an individual.  There is no single path to recovery and many people respond differently to different therapy techniques.

Most drug abuse rehabs use the 12 step model of recovery, meaning that they rely heavily on the 12 step programs of AA and NA in order to guide people toward recovery.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to this model, but one thing is for certain: there are precious few alternatives out there.  Unless you are willing to try a religious or faith-based program, the 12 step model is pretty much one of the only options right now.

If you are open to the idea of 12 step recovery, then this can be a good thing.  There are 12 step meetings pretty much everywhere, and they are essentially free.  Widespread support is available, and in large cities there is a tremendous amount of support and resources when it comes to the 12 step program.  Even smaller and mid-sized cities generally have plenty of meetings.

Not everyone does well in the 12 step program, however.  For those who are seeking alternative recovery strategies, a holistic path of your own making is probably one of the best suggestions.  This can be formed by the following:

1) Adhering to a path of holistic growth and trying to improve your life in several areas, such as physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

2) Focusing on generating real self esteem through valuing self, taking good care of yourself, and striving for self improvement (holistic growth).

3) Pushing beyond acceptance to achieve goals and experience growth in new areas of your life.  Avoiding complacency through constantly challenging ourselves, etc.

A good drug rehab center will inspire people to do this in the long term.  Being in a 12 step program may or may not lead you toward this model of holistic growth.  The “winners” in recovery are always pushing themselves beyond complacency, whether they are 12 steppers or not…..