Dealing with Cannabis Addiction

Dealing with Cannabis Addiction

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Many people become addicted to substances like alcohol and cigarettes. Some people also become addicted to Marijuana. It may not be as addictive as alcohol or cigarettes and some people can actually smoke it only casually for recreation, but for some people it is addictive. It is possible to experience cannabis addiction no matter how people try to deny it.

Pot gives people a happy feeling, a high. It provides relaxation and can be a lot of fun. Many people use it for pleasure but there are some who use it for their health. The use of marijuana is an addiction when a person must have it to feel normal. There are many signs to tell if a person is addicted to marijuana. If he or she obsess about using it, focuses his or whole day on going home and being able to use it, he is not just a casual user. When it overcomes a person’s thoughts and he or she can not focus on anything except getting his or her next joint, it is an addiction.

More ways to tell if the use of marijuana is an addiction rather than casual use are not being able to do anything if it does not involve pot. If a person is short of money he or she goes into a panic because he might not get his pot. If a person has to make a choice between pot or food, he or she will choose the pot.

It is very hard to give up marijuana. Users do not want to give up that feeling of relaxation they get when using it or the feeling of euphoria. However extended use can result in depression during times that the user is not high. This lessens the desire to quit because a person does not like the times that he or she is depressed. It gets to a point where he needs the drug to feel good and can not feel good without it.

People who are addicted to marijuana experience the same symptoms as those who are addicted to alcohol. They say they can quit anytime they like, they are not addicted. They only use it for fun. They make excuses saying that they need it to get them through rough times. It a person becomes unemployed he says he needs his pot to keep him sane until he finds a job. Then once he finds a job he says that he needs it to keep him from quitting his job and it helps him to deal with stress. When marijuana becomes more important than work or school, it is time to seek help.

Many people think that the addiction to marijuana is all psychological but it can be physically addictive too. If a person smokes large amounts of pot every day he or she will experience the same symptoms as a person who stops smoking cigarettes might have. Some of the symptoms will be irritability, restlessness, insomnia, sleep disturbance, intense dreams, sweats, and nausea. These symptoms can be very disturbing but they only last for two to four days.

Once a person stops using marijuana he or she will still sometimes crave it just like a smoker craves cigarettes or alcoholic craves alcohol. There are many treatment centers that help people overcome addiction and learn to live a life free of marijuana. It is important to quit marijuana. Studies show that it is linked to cancer and other health problems. If a person finds that he or she is addicted to marijuana it is most beneficial to seek treatment so that he or she can live a life free of drugs.

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