Consider a Local Drug Rehab

Consider a Local Drug Rehab

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Thinking about going to drug rehab?

Think local.

Doing so is almost always a better idea than traveling a great distance to go to a supposedly “better” facility. Here’s why:

There is no magic bullet

Most of the world probably believes that the most expensive and prestigious treatment centers have a better success rate than lesser facilities. This is not true. It is understandable that people would make this assumption because in most industries you can pay big money and get outstanding results in most things. Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction does not work this way.

The reason for this is because the outcomes have almost nothing to do with the treatment itself. It’s all up to the individual. If someone wants to use drugs there is no stopping them; no way to convince them otherwise. You can give them every advantage in the world, every tool to help them in their recovery, but ultimately they are just one step away from relapse at any given moment.

There are no magic bullets when it comes to treatment centers. There are some facilities out there that flat out lie and say that they have an outstanding rate of success. They don’t. This is not said to discourage anyone as you can still recover….just realize that it is up to you and that there is no special treatment center that will show you the one true path to sobriety.

Local treatment is better when it comes to aftercare

Choosing a local drug rehab makes more sense because it sets you up for a better chance of success with your aftercare. For example, say you go to a treatment center in another town, then you come back home and attempt to start going to 12 step groups. This can be a bit daunting because you don’t know anyone at the meetings at first. If you go to a local treatment center on the other hand, chances are good that some of the local 12 step members will have brought meetings into that treatment facility and you will already know some of them. This might sound far fetched but in fact I saw this happen at all 3 treatment centers that I have attended.

If you travel out of town for treatment then it is more difficult to set up a plan for when you leave. If you stay local then it is easier to access these resources for follow-up care. Find a treatment center close to home and you will find more opportunities for aftercare strategies that are close to your home.

Local treatment is generally going to be cheaper

This is not a huge factor but going to a local treatment center is going to be cheaper than traveling out of town to one. Treatment is expensive and in some cases it is the cost that holds people back so realize that the treatment center you choose has almost no bearing at all on the outcome. Find the cheapest option if that is what you need to do and recognize that it affords you the same chance at sobriety as the more expensive places.

I’m not saying that cheaper is better in this case, only that cheaper treatment will produce the same success rates as far as outcomes are concerned. Spending more money will not insure better results.

Local treatment will help involve family more

Finally, going to a local drug rehab improves your chances of having family participation in the recovery. This can be a big factor as some models best describe addiction as a family disease, and having the support of family can make a big difference in some people’s recovery. If you travel out of town for treatment then family involvement becomes less likely. Staying local increases the chances that you can get the support from your family as well as their participation in any family based programming that the treatment center might have.

Think local.

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