Is there Affordable Drug Rehab Out there?

Is there Affordable Drug Rehab Out there?


Is there such a thing as affordable drug rehab?

Yes and no.

Drug rehab costs money. Period.  It is similar to a hospital stay in terms of overhead.  You have a building, 24 hour staffing, and you have to feed your clients.  There is no way to produce this for free.  Treatment is expensive.  Someone might find a way to go to rehab for free, or for a very low cost, but someone is paying for it.  The services are not cheap by any means.  And generally speaking, the cost of drug rehab is pretty much rising, along with the rest of health care costs.

Nevertheless, is it possible to find affordable drug treatment?  Sure.  Let’s look at some of the options.

One way you might find affordable treatment is if you qualify for Medicaid.  Not all treatment centers accept Medicaid as payment, but if you look around and find one that does, then your problem is basically solved.

Another route you can go is to call up treatment centers and find out if there is any assistance available through the state you live in.  Some states may have grant money set aside for this and others will not.  Also, some states might have a limited amount of funding available for this sort of thing, so there may be no money left to fund people for treatment in some cases.  If you are lucky then you might be able to go to treatment on a grant from the state government that you live in.

If you have insurance through your job or through some other means, then you might be able to go to drug rehab for cheap. This will depend on whether or not your insurance will cover you for residential rehab, and also if there is a copay or not.  Sometimes private insurance will cover rehab, but the copay is so ridiculously high as to be completely prohibitive.  It is just too expensive in some cases.

Finally you have the option of paying cash for just about any treatment center out there. For most people this is not going to be anything remotely close to being “affordable” though, as treatment is expensive.  Just no way around it.  If you are paying cash for services then it is going to be anything but cheap.  Keep in mind though that paying cash is still probably cheaper than continuing to use drugs, at least in the long run.  Think of how much you would save if you stayed clean and sober for a decade, versus continuing to use.

Now there is a final option there that might help some people out: long term rehab.  In some cases, long term treatment centers are really set up through government funding to help homeless addicts and alcoholics, in which case you can pretty much go there for free.  If you get a job while you live there then you pay into the place from your earnings, but otherwise they can be set up to be “free.”  It might be worth looking around for such an opportunity, but such a place will not likely have detox, and they will want you to commit to staying there for some period of time.  But still, it might be an affordable way to get into rehab if your options are otherwise limited.