Adult Drug Rehab

Adult Drug Rehab


Going to an adult drug rehab may be one of the most important decisions of a person’s life.   It is very, very common for teens and younger kids to continue using drugs and alcohol until they reach adulthood, at which point they may eventually decide to do something about their problem.  There are rehab centers out there for teens and for kids, but they are rarely successful because younger people have not endured as much pain as older people over the course of their addiction, and therefore have much less incentive to stop using drugs and adopt a new way of life.  Pain is the only motivator for change in recovery, and younger people have less of that in their lives.  Therefore, most people who do eventually get clean and sober will do so in an adult rehab center.

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Most adult alcohol rehabs will have a tendency to be 12 step based programs.  This means that they are based on the 12 step program of AA and use the meetings in order to help their clients to change.  There is such a thing as alternative drug rehab as well but these are not as common and you will have to search hard to find one.   While it can be a nice change of pace from traditional recovery programs, it is not clear that alternative rehabs offer significantly different success rates.  Most would do well to not fuss over a rehab center and just call up a local one and get there.  Recovery is 90 percent just showing up and taking action….the actual methodology is almost not important at all.  Positive action is positive action, when you get right down to it.

The bottom line is that if you need real help in your life then you should:

* Take immediate action and get on the phone and get something rolling with a rehab very quickly.  Where you go does not much matter….what matters is that you take immediate action.

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* Ask questions when you call rehabs about what it would take to get you in and how you might be funded.  Be persistent and find a way to get it paid for.  If they cannot accept you then ask them who will.

* Set your shame and guilt to the side and ask for help.  If you cannot get into a facility then go to a local AA or NA meeting and ask for help there.  The people there will generally do whatever they can to help you get clean.

Most of the adult rehabs out there are going to try to help addicts in much the same way: through a mix of lectures, group therapy, meetings, and other group sessions.  You can also expect there to be a separate detox area, in which you may be put for a few days in order to dry out and get stable before entering the groups.

One of the biggest challenges in terms of recovery is what the client does after they leave treatment.  This is when most people end up relapsing because they do not take the necessary action in order to stay clean and make recovery work for them.  Most rehabs will assign an aftercare program, and most addicts who are successful in recovery will follow through with these recommendations.

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