The Key to Alcohol and Drug Treatment

The Key to Alcohol and Drug Treatment


The big key to alcohol and drug treatment is not that obvious to people who are struggling to get clean and sober.  The big secret is also very elusive to the friends and family of struggling alcoholics and drug addicts as well.

So many of us hope for a secret solution.  We think that by sending someone to the right type of treatment center, they might hear the right message, or come into contact with just the right magic words that will inspire them to stay clean and sober.

This mindset is completely understandable in the face of a baffling addiction, but it is unfortunately quite wrong.  This is not how recovery works and if you think that you can only get clean and sober by attending just the right treatment center, then you are falling victim to this type of error in thinking.

The truth is that the whole secret to sobriety is massive action. The key to drug and alcohol treatment is for the individual to make a decision and commit to taking massive action.  Another way to say this is to call it drastic action.  This is the key to producing good results in recovery.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Cameron Cassan

Look around at the available evidence and you will see that massive action really is the key. Consider the fact that an addict or an alcoholic can go to one of several completely different recovery programs, and some will stay clean and some will relapse.  But the programs themselves are not the answer.  None of them have special powers.  The 12 step program has a certain success rate of people staying sober, as do the alternative paths to recovery.  No program has a clear lead in this department.  The numbers do not point to a clear win for any given program of recovery.

The program is not the solution.  The program is not your salvation.  Massive action is the key.

Take any program of recovery and truly apply it in your life and give it 100 percent of your effort, and you will see great results.  It is as simple as that.  Those who take massive action and dedicate their life to recovery are going to stay clean and sober.  Those who only put in a half hearted effort into recovery are going to relapse and fail.

There is no magic secret to recovery.  And there probably never will be either.  New medications might be developed that can help with addiction, but they will never be a magic bullet.  It is still going to come down to taking massive amounts of action in order to get real results.

Put in the work, stay clean and sober.  Simple as that.