Does Private Alcohol Rehab Offer an Advantage?

Does Private Alcohol Rehab Offer an Advantage?


Private alcohol rehab is a bit different from a non profit rehab, but the goal of either type of treatment center is ultimately the same: to help the struggling alcoholic to stop drinking and find recovery.  So what makes private rehab different?

Well first of all they are going to be for profit instead of non profit, so that will affect how the place works a bit.  In many cases this will mean that they will be less strict and more tolerant of client behaviors during treatment, and they will not be as stringent about forcing people to go to groups.  In a non profit treatment center, attending the therapy and the groups is usually mandatory, and refusing to do so will usually result in dismissal.  But in a private rehab, they are not generally going to force anyone into groups, because they would rather keep the person in treatment than force a situation where people are sometimes kicked out.

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So these different dynamics between private and public treatment centers can have a small effect on the quality of treatment, but not by a lot. In most cases you can get the same level of quality regardless of where you go.  Realize too that there is really no magic bullet when it comes to alcohol rehab, and even if you spend twice as much money at one rehab over another it will not increase your chances of sobriety one bit.  In fact, it probably does not matter which rehab you go to at all.  Period.  The important part is not the quality of the treatment or even the model of recovery that they are teaching.  Instead, the important part is the level of surrender from the alcoholic who is trying to get sober.  If the person is still caught up in denial and is still trying to hold on to some degree of control, then they are not ready to get sober and no treatment center in the world will be able to help them.  On the other hand, if the alcoholic is broken down to a point of surrender and truly wants to stop drinking, then it does not matter which alcohol rehab you take them to.  It is all about their conviction and level of willingness.

The best type of treatment for long term recovery is holistic treatment. This is because it lends itself to success in beating complacency and overcoming addiction in the long term.  But in early recovery, the type of treatment is less important.

Most people do not have the proper perspective about recovery from alcoholism.  They think that their initial 28 day treatment is incredibly important, while sort of downplaying the idea of “the rest of their life.”

In fact, the opposite is true: your first few months in recovery may be critical, but they are not the whole story by any means.  No, what is really important is how you work your recovery for the remainder of your life.  Your time spent in short term rehab is not the answer to a life long problem.  Finding a new way to live is the answer.  Pretty big difference there, and one that most rehab centers need to address in order to achieve better success rates.  Long term rehab anyone?