Fame and Alcoholism

Fame and Alcoholism


Can fame lead to alcoholism? Yes. The constant attention borne by fame creates high levels of stress. And many people turn to substances like alcohol when faced with the immense pressure that comes with attention, especially from fans or paparazzi. Since famous people are always in the limelight, the situation may escalate more quickly and they may be more prone to drinking a lot of alcohol. Here are some reasons why celebrities and other well-known individuals may turn to drinking:

Addictive Personalities

Some people are born with addictive personalities. What does this mean? Such individuals are more predisposed to and hooked on certain addictive activities, such as drinking in excess. Coupled with the demands of their work, celebrities with addictive personalities may have a harder time staying off alcohol. This particular habit is common to celebrity culture because of the constant presence of alcohol at work or parties they attend.

Celebrity Culture

Alcohol plays a large role in celebrity culture. Every event that has even one ‘star’ present also provides alcohol. Why are celebrities and alcohol intermingling concepts? There are several possibilities. First, filmed events often portray celebrities with champagne glasses in hand. Secondly, the nature of fame makes individuals targets of the paparazzi. Media hounds search for shots that emphasize celebrity flaws. The constant attention of the public creates a type of stress that most of society does not experience. Famous people try to find ways to deal with this attention, and they may often resort to substance abuse. Actors also often take on attributes of their characters (method acting). This can spiral and the actor can lose his/her sense of self if he/she is not careful.

Take Justin Bieber as an example of how fame can play into alcoholism. Legally, Bieber should not be able to get his hands on alcoholic substances, since he is just 19 years old. However, due to his celebrity status he does not appear to have trouble getting such things. Recently, Bieber was arrested and received a DUI for his dangerous behavior.

 How can celebrities use their fame to help others?

Let’s put a positive spin on some troubles that accompany fame. Problems such as alcoholism are highly visible when present in a celebrity. Going to rehabilitation sets a good example for the public. Celebrities can advertise their struggles and the general public will be more likely to follow their example. Famous people can make great inspirational speakers for events hosted by rehabilitation programs.