Explaining the Process of Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs Detox

Explaining the Process of Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs Detox


A lot of struggling addicts want to know more about drugs, detox, addiction, and recovery.  How can they get detoxed from drugs and start living a new life?  How can they go from being hopelessly addicted, to living a new life in recovery that they actually enjoy and look forward to?

Getting from here to there is a process.  It takes time.  But it is well worth the journey for any addict who is sick and tired of being miserable and doing the same crap over and over again.  There is a different way to live and any addict can do it.  Many addicts believe that they are different and that they could never recover because they love drugs too much.  I believed this too until eventually I got miserable enough that I did not care anymore and was willing to try something different.

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If you want to get off drugs then you should start with detox.  This is the start of the process because you have to get your body cleaned out before you can get started on recovery.  You need a clean slate in order to build a new life in recovery and if you are still using drugs or alcohol then you are not going to make any progress whatsoever.  The key is to get fully detoxed and then stay clean and sober as you start creating a new life for yourself.  This sounds like a lot because it is a lot.  If it were easy to do then it would not be worth doing.  A couple key points to keep in mind:

1) The real challenge of recovery starts after detox is over with.  The real challenge is in learning to live a new life without self medicating all the time.  You cannot learn how to do this in detox alone.  It takes more than that.

2) Taking suggestions in early recovery is probably the most important thing you can do.  We cannot solve the problem with our own thinking, we need outside advice.

3) Staying open minded and being willing to do whatever it takes is therefore critical.  If you have these traits in early recovery then you will most likely succeed.

Luckily, you can simplify the process of drug detox by simply going to rehab.  This is expensive and not everyone can afford to do so, but if you have a way to secure funding for treatment, take advantage of it and go.  Get yourself detoxed in a treatment center because your chances of staying clean and sober will go up a bit.  The reason for this is because you will be in a safe and protected environment without quick access to drugs.

There are other advantages to detoxing from drugs in a rehab facility.  For one thing you will probably be exposed to residential treatment after the detox process in which you will learn more about addiction and recovery.  You will likely attend groups and probably be exposed to 12 step meetings as well.  The help and support that you get in treatment can make the difference of staying clean and sober after you leave.

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