Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Still Require a Ton of Work on...

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Still Require a Ton of Work on the Part of the Addict

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The best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are the ones that can inspire addicts and alcoholics to take massive amounts of action in order to overcome their addiction.  The problem with most rehab centers is that they are not action-oriented enough to produce meaningful results in a population that is very difficult to work with.  Anyone who is familiar with the typical success rates of treatment knows that it can be very tough to produce good results with every addict who walks through the door.

The fact of the matter is that most addicts and alcoholics only want to do a modest amount of work and effort in order to achieve recovery.  No one wants to make a supreme effort at achieving outstanding results in staying clean and sober, and sadly, this is what is truly required.  Those who only put in a weak effort a even a modest effort are doomed to relapse. The real payoff in overcoming addiction and alcoholism comes when a person puts their entire effort into staying clean and sober.  Anything less results in failure.

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People would love to sit around and talk about recovery, or even just to sit around and think about recovery, and have this produce good results for them.  In real life, this does not work.  It would be nice if it did, but it does not.  Instead, the reality of the situation is that only meaningful, positive, consistent action can lead to long term sobriety.  What does this mean?

It means that if someone is going to use AA or a 12 step program to work their recovery and stay clean, then they have to go all-out with the approach. They have to go to meetings every single day for a very long time.  They have to get open and honest in the meetings and also find a sponsor to work with directly.  They have to push themselves to grow in meaningful ways and go beyond just giving lip service in AA meetings.  Most people in recovery do not get to this level of commitment and dedication.  They do not devote their whole life to sobriety, and therefore they end up failing.

Rehab centers offer a shortcut to success, but only if the addict is willing to put in a ton of work.  They have to do this footwork anyway, if they are to stay clean and sober, but the rehab center just makes it that much quicker to get started on a new life.