3 Stages Every Alcoholic Encounters After Leaving Drug Alcohol Treatment

3 Stages Every Alcoholic Encounters After Leaving Drug Alcohol Treatment


The best drug alcohol treatment for most struggling addicts and alcoholics starts out with a trip to drug rehab.  Inpatient rehab is a good foundation for recovery because it insures that the person can at least be clean and sober while they are staying in treatment.  What happens when they walk out of the door is another matter entirely, and that is where the things that they learned in alcohol drug treatment must come into play.

Here are some key points for making sure that you put what you learned into practice when leaving treatment:

* The real test starts when you leave rehab. The only thing that will help you at this point is to put what you learned into action.  Say it out loud with me: “put things into action.”  Thinking about recovery is not action.  Sitting around in 12 step meetings all day and yaking about what you don’t even know hardly qualifies either.  You need to take real action.  What does this mean?  It means getting a sponsor and actually working through the steps, right now.  It means helping other addicts and alcoholics on a daily basis.  It means self introspection and taking a hard, honest look at yourself.  This is the kind of action that you need to be taking every single day, after you leave rehab.  These are the habits that need to be formed if you are going to create a new life.

* Holistic health is the key. Now that you are building a new life for yourself in recovery, your overall health becomes much more important.  Why is this?  Because you value yourself more now and your self esteem is growing.  So take care of yourself and be healthier.  Most people in recovery eventually quit smoking cigarettes due to this logical progression.  Long term recovery is about balance and good health, too.

* Push yourself to keep learning and growing. Some people take the excuse of acceptance in recovery and they run with it.  They use it to justify all sorts of ridiculous laziness so that they don’t have to push themselves to change.  Don’t fall into this trap.  Instead, learn to push yourself to grow in recovery, especially when you detect a weakness that could be fixed by doing some hard work.  For example, adhering to a new exercise routine or finding the willpower to try to quit smoking.  You know these things will make you a better person, so it makes sense to push yourself to confront these challenges in recovery.

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