What is the Cure for Alcoholism?

What is the Cure for Alcoholism?


Is there a cure for alcoholism?  Yes and no.  There is a path to sobriety and it is very simple to prescribe the correct action but it is very difficult for any struggling alcoholic to have success over the long run with a program of recovery.  Does this mean there is a cure?  Probably not.  But there is a clearly defined solution.

What is the solution for alcoholism?  Is it the 12 step program of AA?  Not necessarily, although some people have certainly found success by using that program.  Is it the religious element of recovery, that seems to grace so many treatment models?  No it is not that either, because there are alternative treatments for alcoholism that do not involve a religious or spiritual component at all.

So what is it?  What is the common thread that defines success among recovering alcoholics?

It is massive action. That is what separates those who merely dabble with getting clean with those who achieve long term sobriety.

Massive action is the key.

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What does this really mean?  It means that any alcoholic who decides to work the program of AA will do well with it and stay sober if they take massive action. They will go to a meeting every day, maybe even several per day, and get a sponsor and start working with them every day and start working through the steps.  They will take every single suggestion that is thrown at them and apply it in their life in a big way.  They will attend 12 step recovery events and get heavily involved with the fellowship.  And they will do this every single day from the time that they first get sober and continue to do it for years and years to come.  This will build an enormous foundation of recovery and they will find success in the program.

Now, is it possible that such a person will still relapse?  Sure, anyone can potentially relapse.  But those who are taking massive action toward their recovery on a regular basis are not very likely to do so.

Now is the secret the program of AA?  No it is not.  Substitute another recovery program instead of AA and take massive action and guess what?  You will get the same results.  It is not about the program.  It is not about the details.  Get busy and get serious about your recovery and make it your number one priority every single day and you will do well in recovery.  This is the cure for addiction that everyone is looking for.  Nothing revolutionary, but yet hard to implement, and hard to follow through with.  Yet it is there for the taking for anyone who is willing to put forth a massive effort.

Really there is no such thing as a cure, but there is a solution.  And the solution is not a program, it is not a religious conversion, and it is not a sequence of steps that everyone has to take in order to achieve sobriety.  No, the solution is to work really, really hard at staying sober.  There are many ways to do so.

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