How a Christian Alcohol Rehab Works for Recovery

How a Christian Alcohol Rehab Works for Recovery


Will Christian alcohol rehab work for you and help you to get sober?

Yes and no.  If will work if you work it.  Have you ever heard that line before?  They use it quite frequently in 12 step programs as well.  “It will work if you work it.”  Meaning, if you really apply the program, it will keep you sober.  Wise words of wisdom, right?

Well yes and no.  This is true of any recovery program.  Any Christian alcohol treatment program is going to have a slightly different model from the 12 step program.  Maybe they will use both programs or maybe they use religion as the ultimate answer for recovery.  It doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that you realize the truth of the situation and that is this: any program will work if you work it.  That goes for both religious programs and 12 step programs.  Either will work equally well, provided you put up a massive effort at “working it.”

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Now some people will get very cheesed off at this and say it is wrong.  But it is true, any program of alcohol treatment will work if you put a massive effort into it. I know this because I know of several people in recovery who have been through a Christian rehab and they do not follow a 12 step program and they are doing great in their recovery.  I also know of people who shun religion entirely and they do well in a 12 step program.

I am not saying you should be religious.  And I am not saying you need a 12 step program either.  I am saying that the key is to take massive action in your recovery, and that it matters very little what type of program you are following. Christian rehab programs will work for you just find if you actually put in the massive effort that is needed with any recovery program.  In fact, they will even work great for you if you shun religion generally and are normally very close minded when it comes to new religions in your life.  It will work great if you work it.  Take massive action and you will get great results.  Follow what they suggest and your life will get better each day.

It is not hard to design a recovery program.  Start with abstinence from drugs and alcohol and then add in whatever other stuff you care to add.  If you follow such a program you will stay sober.  Is that any real surprise?  You started with the idea of abstinence, so of course you will get great results if you just stick with the program!

Give Christian rehab a chance to work in your life and it will produce good results.  Same as any other program of recovery.  It is all about the action.

Don’t think that there is some magic shortcut out there, or that people who are religious have it easy or something.  None of that is true.  The fact is that it takes real effort in order to make recovery work, whether you do this in a religious based program or not.