Good Alcoholic Treatment Centers Should Emphasize Taking Action Rather than Planning

Good Alcoholic Treatment Centers Should Emphasize Taking Action Rather than Planning

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Some of the best alcoholic treatment centers are those that can push alcoholics to take massive action and still find a way to instill long term recovery principles.  This is a fine line to walk because some of the important information for recovery needs to be all about action in early recovery, while the rest of it is crucial for achieving long term balance and avoiding complacency.  It is not realistic for most people in treatment centers to stay there for extended periods of several months, so somehow an alcohol treatment center must convey this information in another way.

The tricky part is that what gets a person sober is not what will keep them sober.  Sounds a bit contradictory but it is true.  What gets a person sober is intense action, usually something like detox followed by daily meetings and lots of consulting with a sponsor and peers in recovery.  This is very different from what needs to happen for sobriety at 3 years sober, 10 years sober, and so on.  In long term sobriety, detox and daily meetings are not the best path to success (although some will still attend lots of meetings).  In long term recovery, it becomes more about balance.  In long term recovery, it becomes more about beating complacency and seeking balance and continuous growth.

A good alcohol rehab center will emphasize action in early recovery.  This is the formula for success when people are first getting sober.  Here what is NOT needed in early recovery:

* Careful planning.

* Thinking carefully about recovery.

* Planning out what needs to happen in recovery.

* Deciding on the best recovery strategy.

All of this stuff is completely useless in early recovery.  Do not do any of it if you can help it.  It just distracts, gets in the way, and even makes you believe that you are making progress in your recovery, when in fact you are just wasting your time.

Thinking about recovery does nothing.  It accomplishes nothing.  Planning things in recovery is almost completely useless as well.

Success in early recovery comes from taking action.  For example, action steps may include going to 12 step meetings every day, calling up a sponsor and talking with them, studying recovery literature, self exploration in writing, and so on.  If a treatment center can inspire the newcomer to recovery to get extremely active and involved with a recovery program, then they have pretty much done all they can to insure future sobriety.