Alcohol Treatment and Children: How do I manage both?

Alcohol Treatment and Children: How do I manage both?


In the US, one in every five adults has an acute drinking problem. Most of these adults, at some point in their lives, take up alcohol rehab. Children in the US are surrounded by adults who are addicted to the bottle risking the tendency for children to pick up habits from their surroundings. Studies suggest that one in every three people in the US have grown up with an alcoholic in their family.

What Happens if I Drink Around My Children?

Another startling fact about children in the US is that their chances of growing into alcoholics are up to four times greater as compared to children from homes where parents are non-alcoholics. So, how does one manage having children without risking them to alcoholism? More importantly, how does one manage an alcohol rehab program without passing on any negative habits onto their children?

The first thing you need to realize is that alcoholics are more likely to neglect and abuse their children, which may increase if you are undergoing a rehab program. This usually happens because withdrawal from the bottle may make an addict more irritable and short-tempered. Moreover, undergoing a rehab program doesn’t leave you with too much time to give to your children. Things are worse for single parents- there is no one to “watch the kids” while you are away at the rehab center. Therefore, it is important to take the proper steps to stop drinking.

What Will Happen to My Children if I Enter Rehab?

If your children are grown up enough to understand your condition, you can take them along to the rehab center in rehabs that offer Residential Beds for Clients’ Children. A number of rehab centers have recreational areas for children. Moreover, taking your child along at a rehab center can actually inculcate the desire to not take to the bottle at a young age. However, in young children (under 8 years of age), this may lead to a lot of mental trauma and embarrassment.

There are ways in which you can protect your children from the negative effects of your rehab program. You can hire a caretaker for your children during your rehab, you can opt for a non-residential rehab program, you can ask some friends to look after your young ones while you are away or you can simply leave your children with their grandparents.

How Can I Balance Raising My Children From My Rehab?

You also need to understand that irrespective of how hard you try, it may get difficult to separate your children completely from your rehab program. Moreover, your children will eventually get to know about your addiction or alcohol and such incidents may have an unbearable mental impact on them. The good news is that most rehab professionals understand this and have come up with various educational programs designed to cater to children of those undergoing rehab treatment.

You can also enroll your children into group programs. Group programs are like classrooms that run informative sessions about alcohol addiction to groups of children of addicts. Such classes not only educate the children about benefits of alcohol rehab but also teach them how to keep away from addiction.

There are many ways to protect your child from your shortcomings and if you are truly willing to get over your addiction, you will find a way to make your kid take your recovery efforts in a positive way.