Alcohol Related Problems and How to Solve Them Yourself

Alcohol Related Problems and How to Solve Them Yourself

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People might be experiencing two different levels of alcohol related problems:

1) They have a drinking problem that is not deadly serious yet, but is possibly hindering their life in some way, OR

2) They are alcoholic, and find that their life is controlled by alcohol.

Now if you are in either situation and you want to solve the problem yourself, then it is up to you to do exactly that.  Take drastic action and turn your life around.

If you are an alcoholic, then your first inclination is going to be to “cut down.”

This thought occurs because the thought of complete abstinence is so terrifying that you cannot consider it.  The alcoholic will instead try to use “damage control” in order to continue drinking in such a way that they can somehow both control their drinking, and enjoy it.

For the true alcoholic, they cannot do both for any length of time.  They will either control it and become miserable, or they will enjoy their drinking and become reckless.  But they cannot do both.  That is the dividing line of the disease.  That is the puzzle that the alcoholic cannot quite figure out.

The reason that denial is so pervasive is because the alcoholic, at times, can grasp the solution and for a brief moment, they can both control their drinking and enjoy it.  But these moments are fleeting.  They represent maybe 5 percent or less of all their drinking episodes.  The rest of the time, the alcoholic is miserable, or blacked out drunk.  But the nature of denial is that they cling to that memory of when all was good, and they were enjoying their drinking, and they were at peace.

Now the other type of problem is not with alcoholism, but with a simple drinking problem.  If you are NOT an alcoholic, and merely have a drinking problem, then you simply need to cut down on your drinking or abstain entirely.  Either solution should work well for you.

If you try both of those solutions and neither one works for you, then eventually you may have to face the idea that your drinking problems have evolved into full blown alcoholism.  No one likes to admit this of course.

So if you have a drinking problem, you can solve it yourself by simply cutting down or abstaining entirely.

If you are an alcoholic, however, how do you solve the problem for yourself?

While it is possible to overcome alcoholism on your own, I would strongly urge anyone to first seek professional help.  This is especially true in the case of detox.  Physical withdrawal can be dangerous, so it is important that you seek medical attention if you are physically hooked on booze.

Now if you are past the physical element of withdrawal, and you are ready to face your life being clean and sober, and you insist on doing it all by yourself, then here is my suggestion to you:

Get motivated.  Get some goals.  Start on a path of personal growth and be ready to take positive action every single day.

You have a simple goal that must become your new mantra:

“Do not use drugs or alcohol and take positive action every day.”

If you live by that one step then you can overcome addiction on your own.  It will help if you are generally self motivated to begin with.  It will also help if you get professionally detoxed first.

Another thing that will help is if you have a safe environment that is not full of triggers to drink.

If you have all of those things in place, and you have a strong desire to be sober, then you can certainly overcome this problem by yourself.

Good luck!