Continuous Learning is the Key to Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Continuous Learning is the Key to Alcohol Rehab Treatment


The key to alcohol rehab treatment is for the alcoholic in question to take action after they leave rehab.  This is easier said than done, and is one of the major sticking points when it comes to defining success for those who “graduate” from alcohol treatment.  Is there really such a thing as “graduation” from an alcohol treatment program?  No there is not.  Those who believe that they can graduate are misleading themselves.

Recovery is continuous education; continuous learning.  The moment we stop learning about how to live a sober life is the moment that we slide back towards relapse.  It may not happen right away but if we close our mind off to new experiences and learning opportunities then we are on dangerous ground.  This is the sort of closed mind that is partial to relapse mode.  This is part of what we have to stay an guard against in our recovery.

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The best rehabs for alcohol treatment are the ones that encourage explosive action right out of the gate. If we are leaving rehab tomorrow, then we better have a solid plan in place before we set foot out that door.  Not having a plan is the same thing as planning to go get drunk.  Why?  Because our default is getting drunk.  That is what we are used to doing.  So what we need is a super duper plan.  We need a mountain of action in terms of recovery.  Just claiming that we don’t want to drink anymore, or that we have no desire to drink, is not going to cut it.  This kind of attitude will get us drunk.

Instead, what we need is a solid plan of action.  Thinking about recovery does nothing.  It does not help, ever.  Only action helps.  Only footwork helps.  You know why they call it “footwork?”  Because it is hard work!  And it requires you to move.  It requires action.

Doing the footwork is the whole key to recovery.  Now you might get stuck here and say “well, what is the footwork?  What actions do I need to take?”  and so on.

Those questions will answer themselves if you are willing to take positive action and ask for help.

Listen to the suggestions.  Get a sponsor.  Connect with others in recovery.  There is plenty of wisdom to be had.  There is no shortage of directions if you are asking for help and willing to put in the footwork.

This is how successful treatment works.