Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol Misuse


Alcohol misuse is a really horrible disease that some just narrow down to complete idiocy. When a person misuse’s alcohol they are taking it in ridiculous amounts that should be probably be used in sanitizing a 3 story building than consumed into a human beings body. This usually arises from alcoholism and it’s ability to destroy everything and anything in it’s path.

When people think of an alcoholic, they think of some monstrous thing that destroyed someone elses’ life. What these people have failed to see is that the alcoholic is very aware of the things he does and it is in great depression he or she seeks people to hurt because they can’t control their own lives.

Depending on who you are and what your view on the subject may stem from, an alcoholic will find whatever kind of alcohol they possibly can even when their, their families and their spouses money has run out. If the money is not there a friend may provide the needed comfort or even simpler, a bottle of mouth wash. These things will help to get the drunk into a stupor so deep that the only thing that will stop them is passing out, death or jail. And only death can prevent it from happening again. Some seek help and others are perfectly happy to drink their lives to to oblivion and beyond.

When a normal person who is not completely taken over by drugs or alcohol starts to party heavily, there can always be the chance they may have the disease lurking in their body somewhere. It’s never something that just comes from birth rights. These things may emerge in the better half of your life. Most people will take this for granted and after a good stretch of partying, realize that don’t have the ability to stop and then where problem starts.

Some people may not even have a sure problem, but don’t consider the effects of alcohol even close to effecting them. Some of these examples are pregnant women who assume that the little bit of alcohol that they take won’t effect the baby. Maybe they should have learned that lesson before their innocent child came out of the belly with health issues. Alcohol in large consumptions is bad for your social life and bad for the inside of your body as well. People who drink alcohol and boast about how they don’t get very drunk because they have a high tolerance, may one day need a new liver or even come up with an unexpected case of cancer. It will devour your immune system.

That’s not to say that all drinking is bad. Use drinking as it was intended. Get a buzz and socialize with a group of other people. But if you find that one day you are stuck by yourself at home, drinking just to take the edge off of your life and not your day, you may have a serious problem that needs some quick addressing.