Advantages of Alcohol Inpatient Treatment

Advantages of Alcohol Inpatient Treatment


Probably the best solution for most struggling alcoholics is alcohol inpatient treatment.  There are other options available to the alcoholic, such as counseling, 12 step meetings, or medications to help fight cravings, but ultimately, going to inpatient rehab is the best choice in most cases.


Simply put, inpatient treatment offers the most comprehensive solution in most cases. In other words, it can include all of the other solutions within it.  Typically, a person who attends rehab will be exposed to 12 step meetings, as well as to connect with a counselor or therapist of some sort.  They will also meet a bunch of peers that can help support them in recovery, as well as to learn about various options for follow up care after they leave rehab.  If you go with another solution for recovery, you are probably not going to be exposed to that many levels of care and help as if you went to rehab instead.

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This idea helps to point to one of the great secrets about recovery in general: that the solution is holistic. There is a huge misconception in mainstream recovery that the solution is spiritual.  This is actually false.  The solution is much greater than just being spiritual.  It is holistic.  Those who are doing well in recovery actually use a holistic approach that includes spirituality, but goes far beyond it.  In other words, they also consider their physical health, as well as their emotional balance and their mental status and so on.

In a similar way, going to inpatient rehab offers a more holistic approach to recovery. They will go beyond the spiritual solution and help you to consider other things that will enhance your chances in recovery.  For example, they might have classes on meditation, exercise, fitness, anger management, stress reduction, and so on.  There is more to recovery than simply avoiding drugs or finding God.  Those who have too narrow of a focus in recovery are in danger of being derailed into relapse.

It can be a scary step to attend inpatient treatment for the first time ever. Most alcoholics will avoid this for as long as possible because they have fear of it, and also out of shame.  But going to rehab can be a huge opportunity for the struggling alcoholic, and anyone who wants to seriously change their life should consider it.  The worst case scenario is that nothing will change and you will return to drinking after you leave.  The potential for upside though, is unlimited.  Therefore it is always worth the investment for anyone who is interested in living a better life.